Saturday, July 24, 2010

Each peck hurts...Part 1

Lately--I feel a little picked on--like someone has it in for me. Okay, I am exaggerating but sometimes life feels that way. As if some evil, twirp bird thinks I am birdseed and is pecking on me one by one to get its fill. It all seemed to really start the day after my second son was born. No, I am not blaming him at all! It just seems that the pecking started then.
First, my son was born with a tight tongue and NO one listened to me when I said it was affecting his eating. Then, my hubby got the stomach bug during the week he took off to be with his newborn son!! He was quarantined for 4 days and only could see his new son from a huge distance. Three weeks later, my newborn son got RSV (short for nasty, respiratory virus that can kill children under 1!!) and my poor son was sent to the PED floor for four days, underwent a spinal tap and other poking and prodding at the age of 3 weeks! At this point--we were having trouble nursing and still no one would clip his tongue.
My son was VERY fussy and it was not until about 2 and 1/2 months that someone finally listened and clipped his tongue and found out that he had REALLY bad acid reflux minus major spitting up--thank the Lord (I don't do well with projectile anything!). My husband and I lost TONS of sanity and sleep and didn't even go to church or see really anyone during that time. It was hard going back to work, but I had to.
Next, top all of that off with the fact that my son didn't sleep through the night until about 4 and 1/2 months, the acid reflux wasn't really under control until then, he sometimes refused to eat, was at 25% for weight, did I mention fussy? and we couldn't even go out to Target without it being a huge ordeal. Needless to say that by the end of the school year we had it mostly under control and could finally breathe.
I have to hubby and I were really wondering why our prayers and others prayers were heard but met with a resounding "Nope" on God's part. We didn't understand why God would not heal our son.
What we did understand though is that God was still there. We felt His presence, love and mercy. We somehow made it through all of that with supernatural strength and we were never really alone. We understand now that the Lord is still LORD even when the circumstances aren't in our favor.Very often, God is beyond our human comprehension and that is not easy to accept. No, we don't know why God allowed all of it really--except that we are stronger in our faith (we remained faithful) and we learned the above...and that even though the pecking hasn't stopped totally--We still love and trust the Lord Jesus-period.

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