Saturday, January 8, 2011

Are you a fire starter or a fire extinguisher?

It's an honest question. Which do you tend to be? A person who starts fires or puts them out?
I would rather be a fire extinguisher most of the time. I don't enjoy conflict and I certainly am not the type to go around and look for fires to start. It baffles me how some individuals choose to start fires. I guess they are bored? Miserable, insecure? I can't say for sure, but I think some actually enjoy watching others burn up.
I have a person in my life who is like this and I am not close to them, but they still manage to light me on fire when they get the chance. This person really does this when they are feeling put out, inconvenienced, or think they are being treated unfairly. So when this happens, said person jumps to conclusions and immediately ignites me with a fire breathing mouth. He/She doesn't stop to think, request, clarify or ask. This person just assumes the victim role.
It takes A LOT for me NOT to burn them right back. Yes, I am guilty of defending myself (I have my fire uniform on). I do sometimes need to apologize to fire starters when I fanned the flame so to speak. Sometimes I am wrong and although the fire wasn't the best approach well I have to take responsibility for my part.

However, when all is said and I am trying to put out the last little ember, I grow as a fire extinguisher. I choose peace...because this is what the Lord asks of me, of all of us.
Do I like this person much? Nope, that is why we are not close, but I choose to extend forgiveness and grace.
I don't know how much coal reaping on said person's head happens, but to be right before the Lord is more important. I model my fire extinguishing to this person and hopefully others bear witness to it.
I choose to get the water hose out, douse the flames, and be peaceful.
Which one are you and what will you choose?
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