Friday, February 10, 2012

Trust is a five letter word

Write in 5 minutes flat about one topic.

Today's word: TRUST

Trust is the reason I have been friends with her for 24+ years. I met her when I was in 7th grade.
She was shy. She was foreign, but she seemed interested in being my friend.
I needed a friend. I was new to school too. 

Her skin is that of a rich cocoa and her bovine eyes tell you that SHE is trustworthy. Her hair is long and a deep, brackish color and my sweet best friend is prettier than she believes.

The first thing I remember about her was her laughter, her German background that intrigued me and her kindness.

We have watched each other grow up from preteens to full fledged adults. We have remained friends across the distances of cities and states. Shared tears, bad-mouthed ex-boyfriends, tortured and loved my brother, and even shared a college class with a woman whose clearing of throat phlegm about made us pee in our pants.

We've watched each other finish college, grab hold of careers. She divorced, I got married (12 yrs. now). She had a child and named me the Godmother. She is that for my children now too.

5 deaths later and my biggest cheerleader still grieves with me. She lost her grandmother too.

My life can never be without her in it. She is my sister and God perfectly planned it all.


  1. How wonderful to have a friendship like this! Beautiful tribute to your dear friend. (I'm coming over from Gypsy Mama this morning)

  2. Stopping over from the 5 Minute Friday. What a beautiful picture of friendship! Those types of friends are rare, truly treasured!

  3. How beautiful! I have a dear friend like that, too, and now my heart aches to see her now. :-) I guess I'll have to settle for sending her a letter.

  4. What a beautiful post about your friend and the gift that she is in your life! Thanks for sharing your thoughts today!

  5. What a sweet tribute to your friend ... goosebumps! :)

  6. Aw love you Dee!! With all my heart :-)

  7. Oh - I love this description of your friendship and I can sooo relate. I am fortunate enough to claim one of those myself. Thanks for the sweet reminder. Have a great weekend.

    I'm sharing a link to something I wrote a while back on a day I was feeling the distance, but the friendships stand firm.

  8. A beautiful picture of your friendship! One built firmly on trust, I am sure.

  9. Oh, how blessed you are for a friend like that! Beautiful post.

  10. This is beautiful!!! Friendships like this are rare and precious.

    I'm so glad I found your blog. :)

  11. What a wonderful friendship! Your friend sounds absolutely amazing! ;-D

  12. What a wonderful and special friendship! She sure sounds like an incredible lady! ;-D

  13. How beautiful to have a friend like that, wow cherish yourspecial bond.


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