Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping to the Laundry Room

Hey, it is LEAP year! An extra day. An official birthday for some.  Only every four years. Happy Leap Day.

Then, there's the piles of laundry that await me. I could be sad and have that I dread it attitude or...

I could have some fun. Leap to the Laundry room and sing this song while doing it all:

Never-ending Laundry
(Sung to the tune of Never-Ending Story
1984 song by Limahl

Turn around, sort all the dirties
darks and colors, for the whites add bleach
Piles of clothes are everywhere
Given a bigger washer, need a faster dryer too
is the answer to the never-ending laundry.

Reach the Shout
No stains on sleeves
Dream in clean
and what you see will be

Shirts that keep their wrinkles
will unfold with an iron
and there upon the hanger
is the answer to the never-ending laundry

Show no fear
rinse and wash it away
in your hands
the birth of fresh Pj's

(repeat the third chorus with..)
Never-ending laundry

No, I haven't lost it. But, my blog can't be serious all the time. Just like me.

Hope you have an excellent Leap Year and Leap Day!

-I plan on celebrating this extra day I have been given! What about you?


  1. Ha Ha Ha! It does seem to be like the fish and the loaves. Thank you for all you do around there my Creative Love

  2. OMGoodness! I love it! I wrote a post about laundry back when I began blogging. Too funny we have that in common. :)


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