Thursday, February 23, 2012

An ordinary day...

An ordinary day in photos...From:
So my day starts by 6 am...I'd rather be sleeping...
Breakfast can look like this or...

look like this...usually it looks like this.

Some days I can get a good workout in before the days' festivities begin...

Or read or study God's word.  IF ANY OF THE ABOVE goes smoothly...well, than this is a good day. :)

The children always have time for playing and that is their main goal!

At some point, there's often a need to have to wrestle and haul the kids to the car for the plethora of errands to be fulfilled. ("Hey, you are NOT old enough to drive yet. Look, your feet don't even touch the pedals.")
OKAY...I don't exaggerate...this is how overwhelming a typical day can feel. Think 3 minute showers, NEVER-ending laundry (sung to the tune of Never-ending Story),  consistent, repetitive statements such as, "No, don't touch that, hitting hurts, uh-oh. You have to have a time out. Please pick up your toys, only food, drinks and toothbrushes go in your mouth." Truth is sometimes I think my kids believe that the T-Rex ate up mommy for the day and watch out cause being baby-sat by a T-Rex can be hairy.
When Dad (mi esposo-) arrives home, he can find us outside if the weather is warm enough.
Sweet hubby helps with dinner or left-overs or even serves up the pizza.

So after dinner is usually baths, bedtime stories, possible playing in the dark with flashlights, and many hugs and kisses. If it is 7:30 pm and hubby and I are looking like this, (usually propped up by the couch and vegging to a movie or something) well you can bet it has been a typical, ordinary day in the Adkison house.

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  1. A lovely peek in your day ... strangely, it looks a lot like mine! :)


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