Monday, February 27, 2012

Captured Emotions with my WebCam I was bored. I really can only play cars for so long with my boys...and well, I don't have what some people would call a grandiose life. Lately, I feel restless and I literally cannot breathe. So here are some snapshots of my emotions.  Hey, remember you have been warned that this is a blog about honesty (see pictures below).

Monkey Face

I am only displaying my silly, kid self. I have been told I have the Sanguine, Melancholy personality. Naaah!

Need I explain? Don't ya think the pictures speak for themselves? I mean I am a new stay-at-home mom to two boys under 5 in a new town with no friends YET!

"MOM! So and so is messing with your beloved Violets again. Hurry mom, come quick." 

Yep, you can guess that this is probably how I look when I am telling so and so to leave my plants alone. "You may not eat them NOR cruelly pull off one. leaf. at-a-time!" -all said with great patience of course.

This look can mean many things...I burnt dinner, the sink is leaking, spilled milk, now we need more milk, I haven't blogged all week, need coffee, need chocolate, can't hear God's voice, some weird noise is coming from the car, friend delivers sad news, I think I am LOSING my mind.

Not ALL moments are crazy. I can smile.

More days than I care to admit, are lonely, or this is me missing those who are no longer here. Or me missing my friends and family in other places I can't be.

God, I just can't do this. You say in Phillipians 4:7 that Your peace will guard my heart and mind as I live [for You] in Christ Jesus. NLT

I need that peace everyday to guard my heart and mind. I am faithful. I am hanging on because I have to believe this is temporary. Nothing in this life ever stays the same.

 I sometimes feel like the world is swallowing me whole. Maybe that is why I can't breathe?


  1. I love your silly, beautiful, wonderful face. I can relate to the last one - I think I've memorized the ceiling patterns in many places because of it. ;-)

  2. A powerful look at your heart right now ... praying for you. And looking forward to seeing you Thursday!

  3. I think you need a date ;)

  4. That is great!....although a "this is how I look first thing in the morning" face would be classic! Fun stuff!! :-)

  5. SO GREAT!!! Made me smile today:)


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