Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm a 1795-1820 gal: Which Fashion Era Would You Want to Have Lived In?

     Sometimes this day and age drives me nuts. Too much social media, internet at the touch of a cell phone, people who should just sew on permanent technology since they can't seem to detach from it anyway. Oh! Did I mention way too much access to dangerous items? I find my self assimilating and resistance is almost futile. I occasionally talk to people while grocery shopping and I fancy texting entirely too much. are reading my blog.
    So I often sit and ponder what my life may have been like if I had lived in a different decade or era altogether. I am a mid 70's-80's child, but I being a young adult during the period from 1795-1820 would've have been interesting. I think I would have fit in nicely.

During this time, fashion had abandoned the stuffy, constricting corset for a more high-waisted, natural figure. A chance to breathe is more like it. The fashion just seemed so freeing, wasn't form-fitting (like skinny jeans...ugh!) other than around the bust and looked utterly comfortable. Kind of like pajamas. Would that not be the best fashion if designers could make everyday wear feel like P.J.s?

Just look at how pretty and cozy this dress is? I can so see myself lounging as she is after
 reading a letter from my beloved hubby or family member.

Other perks? Sure...small pox vaccination, batteries, preserving jars for food, then tin cans, and a patented first soda fountain (carbonated drinks were already invented. Hey, sometimes a Coke hits the spot especially with pizza. There was already a flush toilet, safety locks, and the Cotton Gin...almost forgot the guillotine (yikes). 

Life just seemed simpler, less busy, less pressure with less time wasters.

 Maybe that is true. However, I could have been born poor. (Wait, my family was lower-middle class) Anyhoo, I would've been exiled by the middle to upper class. Marry poor because Jane Austen gave us a glimpse of how class/money ALWAYS matters. Even today. Not so simple after all.

Life then didn't have the modern conveniences of today. Like ovens and microwaves. I BET food tasted better then and well we know it didn't have preservatives.

But, I wasn't meant for that era. God created me for the time period I am in now. A chance to experience a freedom that didn't exist then. Opportunities a woman never would have had in those days.

God wants me to live here. In the present. Saying yes, Lord. I will do that, love that person, forgive or listen to or befriend so and so.
"Yes, I will trust you Lord to hold me when I don't have the strength to hold on."

Below is taken from Lysa TerKeurst's book, When Women Say Yes to God.
"Yes, Lord.I want your patience to invade my desire to fly off the handle."
"Yes, Lord. I want your provision so things don't seem so overwhelming."

Yes, Lord. I will live in the here and now. 

Hey, it ain't all bad. Who knows...maybe among all this social media I can encourage or help someone?

*Some facts were taken from Wikipedia and a 1800 century timeline.


  1. Hi Dionne! =)

    Love this... I always joke that I should have been born around 1948-49 so I could have really enjoyed the hippie era of the late 60's and early 70's(fashion-wise). Everyone calls me hippie. I love the clothes, the flowy-flowery-peasanty-no-bra-bellbottoms-wonderfulness of it all. Haha!

    But every time I say that... I get this little God-nudge... telling me that I was born exactly at the right time.

    I am so glad you wrote about that...because it is true. We came into this world when did because he wanted us to.


  2. It's fun to ponder what life would have been like in another time and wonder if it would have been better then. I really like your perspective on this by saying "yes, Lord..." and understanding that God chose our era. It reminds me to be content in Christ, not circumstance.


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