Monday, July 2, 2012

6 months? That is....a long time.

6 months. Daunting. No. Freeing.

The challenge: One dessert a week for 6 months. (No sweet drinks, sugary cereals, etc. either)!
The incentive: Cash from a generous, loving donor.
The first thought: What did I just sign up for? No chocolate sans one day?!? Are you kidding me?
 Our sugar challenge started on Jan. 1st and ended on June 30th. There were eight adults doing the challenge. If we cheated, we lost $15 for each cheat. Yes, I cheated 3 times...I wasn't the only one. Hey, willpower is overrated.  

So why am I writing this? To boast? Nope. To encourage and entertain? Hopefully.
Why did I agree to this? For my health and to prove to myself that I could do it.
 Not all challenges are a bad thing.

I was surprised at what I learned. (Plus the benefits) goes:
My choice really offended others. Somehow people took my choice quite personally. Not just that I wouldn't enjoy a dessert with them, but as if I was convicting them. I did my best to downplay my choice, but it kept surfacing. Some criticized or acted like I was weird or out of my mind. 
      Maybe they were right, but I believe sugar is VERY addictive. Sugar is like a drug..If you don't believe me then think about this...even on the first day off the challenge, I could feel the temptation rising up to return to my old patterns of eating sugar...I wanted to...I haven't and I won't. AND...It takes more than 40 days to break a habit. REALLY.
     FREEDOM!!!! Sugar doesn't have the same hold on me anymore. I found that when I did enjoy a dessert once a week that the more rich the dessert was the less I desired it. It practically made me sick. I discovered that sugar could be conquered, but it still has a strong pull. I found self-control actually existed in this area of my life.  

All eight people passed the challenge, but to me the greater "impossible" mission will be to not go back to how it was. It is easier to not fight what is pleasurable than to realize you are better off without it. NOT that I am trying to convince any of you to bid fair well to sugar forever. Even we are not doing that...we just choose to keep sugar to a very low minimum.  I mean processed, added sugar and desserts, not naturally occurring sugar in fruit or added sugar to food not considered a dessert such as a slice of bread.
                         I can honestly say that I am changed.  Wonder what other habit I should consider breaking in 6 months? Hmmmm.

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  1. Wow! That is so incredible! =) I am very impressed! I definitely know how addiction sugar can be. This challenge sounds cool, but intimidating. Idk if I want to do that to myself. But I will definitely consider it!
    Alesha <3

    1. Yes, it was super challenging...not for everyone for sure, but it was worth it.

  2. I promised my brother that i won't take sugar for one month. He's been doing it for some months now and he feels heathier and stronger- no more headaches, too! Patsy from

  3. Fun challenge. Well, maybe not fun, but you know what I mean. Any time I try to give something up, I see just how addicted I am. You know, "I don't love coffee that much" turns into "Ahhhh, give me caffine!".

    Wonder what I should try to give up for 6 months!

    1. You crack me up! You are so right!!! When we try to give something up we certainly see how much we don't want to and how addicting it can be.

  4. Dionne! I loved reading this-- you both encourage and challenge me. I think it's weird that your choice offended people.
    Question: did you also omit sweet-tasting sugarless stuff like gum or diet sodas?

  5. Congratulations! This is inspiring! BTW, I love your nature photos in the sidebar. I love being outdoors!

  6. This is so true. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I have been off sugar for a few months ... I still miss my sweet friend ... especially on the weekend. :)

    1. Completely off sugar? You are braver than I am and I am inspired by it!!

  8. Congratulations! That is no small feat!! I'm not sure if I could do it...well, truth is, I like sugar too much. (Is that a sure sign I SHOULD do it?? lol). Happy 4th!


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