Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Clues are everywhere...

Ever notice that when God is trying to get you to listen or a change is coming that he uses all kinds of signs? In my case, it seems to be books, random-out-of-the-blue You Tube videos, a true story from a wise lady I had lunch with a few days ago, a picture on a friend's Facebook page, well, I think you get the point.

Dumbo here (that's me) though isn't EXACTLY sure what the Lord is telling me, but somehow I have a sneaky suspicion that it will smack me in the face soon and all near me will hear, "Ohhhh, now I get it." 
I really am clueless even though the clues are surrounding me. Okay, so I should explain. The main idea or reoccurring theme all has to do with what I am holding onto and the true meaning of being a servant. Before I get to are the messages blinking on the neon sign:
1. I see a picture of a man giving away his shoes to a very poor young man (I have never done that). 
2. I hear a story of a man with his two daughters (both under the age of 5) stopping by at the only sanctuary he knows, a church and asking for help. His oldest tells the church woman, "My mother tried to kill herself." This amazing church paid to get his car fixed and served him. All because this wise church lady who is my friend opened the church door!
3. I am currently reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker...a book about excess, wonderfully written and so convicting and the chapter/month about possessions has really touched a nerve. We can still park our cars in our garage, but I still own more shoes than the majority of the world. 
4. I read a blog about a husband and wife duo who bring food and bibles to the homeless and I am thinking of the few times I have given my lunch away, but never with a bible. 
5. I see a YouTube video that talks about serving...random, seriously!
6. I hear a sermon at church from the book of Ruth and how Naomi and her had a Kings-man Redeemer who served them, stood up for them and did not abandon them. Widows were cared for and I think about how I don't really know a widow to help, but somehow there is a message for me in there about how God is our Redeemer who stands up for us, has served us (think Jesus) and does not abandon us.

My children have at least four pairs of shoes and then I see this photo and my maternal instinct says, "Time to find a ministry where I can give away shoes!"

Really, serving and what I hold on to go hand and hand. If I hold on to security, pride, reputation, possessions, and my time than serving has no place. To truly serve, I have to be willing to love God and people more.  More than myself.

Serving isn't about looking good or getting rid of unnecessary clutter. That's easy. Serving should be difficult so that we can only do it with God. Serving is saying to God, "I will do this for you. I will obey you." To serve simply because God is worth it. We may not get a chance to see the outcome of our choice, but it doesn't matter since we know that God is whom we are yielding to.

So what does that look like in my life?
   I have some inkling, but all in all I have not arrived at full understanding. I know that God asked me to be the Coordinator for MOPS and as he is preparing me to see how serving is such a HUGE component of this role. An honor. I cannot (nor should I) do this without him. 

There is a large homeless population in my community. There is a large population of people here who live in poverty even if they are not homeless. There are plenty of needs that surround me, but where do I start? I have a total of 8 purses and I really could give away 6, but to whom? Goodwill isn't free for the poor and again too easy. I rely too much on my stuff, on thinking that fear is an excuse not to love on some people.

These are the thoughts that plague surround me. Really, as an American I am a bit ashamed to admit what I have, what I keep, and that even though hubby and I are considered poor on the tax forms we really are rich. Yes, we tithe and it is uncomfortable, but where else could I give and feel uncomfortable? 
I am seeking to serve the Lord in the way he really wants me to...I am willing, but I know there is more than just my willingness...and I can't wait to share this.

How has God asked you to serve? Are you giving/serving until it is a least bit uncomfortable?


  1. Thanks for sharing this. it is beautiful. Jesus came to serve. I think serving involves paying attention to someone's needs and seeking the Lord's guidance on when to help. Even serving can be done in a lazy way or selfish way which can be harmful to another person's dignity. I grew up in a situation that the community considered poor. Our family got to watch all manner of service. we had people dump loads of clothes in our yard that were obvious closet clean outs and we had people used by God to meet a very specific need. At a young age the Lord taught me not to try to understand the heart behind the giver but to simply find a way to use or give away what I did not need. An example is that we used the bags of unusable clothes to stuff down in the walls of our old farm house for insulation. to this day people still give me bags of clothes and few times their have been things in there exactly to fit the need of someone I knew .I actually do donate to Salvation Army but because I know the staff at my local one. they have a true heart of giving and serving. Salvation Army is not overpriced like Goodwill. i would not write either off all together. There is level of poverty in which a man needs his dignity and being able to buy the things he needs for a low price is a blessing. if someone barges in an drops a bunch of stuff for free they can actually harm a man's self esteem but not every man. that is why why need the guidance of the Lord in every situation. I am glad He is speaking to you. this is such a beautiful blessing in Christ.

  2. "to serve because simply God is worth it." .... challenging words. Thanks for this post! :)

  3. Oh, so many of the thoughts you articulated have been rattling around in my heart, too. Serving until I'm uncomfortable... the very phrase drives me to prayer. Thanks for laying it out there today. Your voice was a "holy echo" of the same message God keeps whispering to my soul. Glad i stopped by.

  4. Dionne, thank you for this! You challenge me to ask myself what I'm holding on to...
    I also found Melissa's reply enlightening and helpful.
    Looking forward to hearing more about how God specifically leads you!

  5. Great post! We all need to be reminded of our task here on Earth... to serve the Living God. To spread His Truth. The best way to illustrate His Truth is through our hands and through our serving others.

  6. I firmly believe God has sent me to serve with my bonus daughters. They have had a rough life before me and no real female role model. I see God changing my heart a bit mire everyday regarding this matter where once I was closed off(from past experience with my adopted brother.) my heart is starting to soften again as well as heal in the pain I'm feeling with them as they learn what a real family can look like.

    Oh and thanks for reminding me I need to jump on the MOPS bandwagon since I'm elgible again!

  7. P.S. I absolutely love you! Sorry I haven't been around much to read lately


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