Friday, July 27, 2012

Beyond me...

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Beyond the noise of this world my head still reminds me and my heart hurts. I am still grieving. I don't share it much because everyone else finds comfort that I don't cry or speak about it really, but it gnaws on me daily. I miss them. All of them. I miss that place I was planning to call home. I miss my mommy and wish sometimes I could just lay my head on her lap and cry.

Beyond the lies I tell myself or that are hurled at me...beyond the attacks I am entering a new purpose or season or some other overkill phrase to a purpose I absolutely cannot do without the Lord. I am excited and fearful. I know the bible verses. I know the Lord, but I can't shake the belief that I am never going to really reach my potential in Christ. (I know, a total lie, I know!)

I keep talking out into the air...while I walk the neighbors must think I am nuts. But I have to talk to Him and speak honestly and boldly...LOUDLY say,
                                 "Lord, help me because this is more than beyond me."


  1. "Lord, help me because this is more than beyond me."

    yes. yes. yes.

  2. Our strength comes from Him!! What a great blog title! Coming to you from 5 minute Friday today. :) Blessings!

  3. Oh Dionne... Thank you for sharing your heart today via FMF. I'm sorry that you are in a tough season, but so thankful that Jesus is right there beside you to help you through it!! Bless you today sister!

  4. Dionne,
    just this week I heard a name for the trash talk in our heads, "devil static"...Lisa Jo quoted it in a post on (in)courage. I understand grieving and loss, and am sorry for your pain. I do know, however, that sometimes "Lord, help me..." is the most powerful prayer we can utter.
    Be encouraged. You are never alone.
    Peace and good.

  5. Replies
    1. this is powerful, Dionne; and RAW.


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