Monday, July 30, 2012

The Clues are Everywhere: Part II (serving and the domino effect)

On July 19th of this year, I began to write about a recurring theme that God keeps sending my way; Something to do with serving, what it is to look like in my life, and how it influences others in a positive way. From sermons, to music, to videos and bible studies, God couldn't say it any louder: Dionne, I want to show you how to really serve me. 

Here are some more insights...
    A few come from this bible study: Designing a Woman's Life by Judith Couchman

--Through our purpose we can influence the world for God's Kingdom.
 " 'You are my witnesses,' declares the Lord, 'and my servant who I have chosen." -Isaiah 43:10

Isn't that what I want? In my search for significance, being chosen to do something noble, meaningful and or purposeful? To be spiritually influential? Yes! That is the greatest blessing and a huge privilege of serving the Lord!  To know that if I choose to believe and follow the Lord; that if I open my mind and heart to be changed, redeemed, forgiven, then somehow there is a domino effect.
 Today at church, the sermon was about this very notion. We never know who we are influencing spiritually or how our one decision to obey can lead to others choosing Christ. Others can be encouraged or find hope in our hope: Jesus.  Perhaps over and over?

Yet, can I expect to be spiritually influential if I am not willing to get my hands dirty? Be a bit marginalized? Not thinking poorly of myself, but rightly about me...a sinner saved through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross whom is valuable to him and his service.- Judith Couchman  


To lose my life (die to so much self) and serve others with humility, for Christ and NO other gain or reason.
   This is where I hit a wall. Serving isn't about my influence so much as it is about serving Christ. I feel tempted always to make it about me. To feel worthy with the results instead of feeling worthy because I am Jesus' friend, I belong to him, and he chooses me for his glory and purpose!!

Jesus spoke numerous times about serving. He was the fullest embodiment of servant hood. 
He didn't use his equality with God, but rather humbled himself to a horrific death on a cross. (see Phil. 2:6-8). His greatest act of serving was the sacrifice of his life for us!

I am eager to understand and know more about where to serve. God has definitely showed me why and in a way how.

I do serve my hubby and children. I serve my friends. I hope I have inspired them for good and that it is Christ who shines in any attempt I make to point to him.

So where? Hmmm...I will let you know. Please pray for me.

Do you have a where in your life...a place or situation where you are serving? Please share!


  1. Dionne- I'm grappling with the same question- am I REALLY serving like Christ? And as soon as I can find time to scratch some of my scattered thoughts- more like my internal wrestling match- onto the page, I'll think this one aloud with you. Thanks for the invite last week to email you and talk about this topic together. Keep seeking!

  2. Hi, Dionne-- I've been gone and just now found this.
    Recently I've had not one, but two opportunities arise. Both involve mentoring younger women, something I have long wanted to do. I just don't know how! So God sent me the first thing, a fall Bible study where I will be one of several small-group mentors. Structure, support, on-the-job training.
    The second thing is a teach-whatever-topic-you-want class set for spring. The subject on my heart is helping younger wives understand and support their husbands.
    Pray I'll be ready!


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