Friday, July 6, 2012

Just one story

My my I have so many stories. I am not a good oral storyteller, but I can write about them. My hubby recently said, "You are like the characters in the Second Hand Lions life has interesting stories that go on and on." Not sure about that, so I will share this story and let you be the judge.

In my 38 years of life, I have moved 31 times, lived in 9 different cities/towns and three different states. I have lived in rented homes, apartments, another person's home, duplexes, dorms and a tiny room about the size of two sheds that I shared with my brother during a couple of college years.
    The longest I have resided in one town is 7 years. My average time of living in the same home is 1-2 years. Often I have moved twice or more in one year. At least up until 23 moving was mostly NOT my choice. It was my parent's or parent (They divorced around the end of my 3rd grade year). Most of my moves seem to come from jobs, a remarriage or unhappiness with the place we were residing.

The moves that were my choice bore out of changing dorm rooms, roommates, job re-locations, getting away from toxic individuals, buying a home, and the most important: God saying go! Yes, I obeyed.

So if you haven't guessed it, I adapt well to change. I've never experienced a stable life. One where you would here me say, "This is my hometown."
The bulk of my existence and memories lie (divided into three) in Texas, Illinois and now Colorado.

I am running over 5 minutes so all I can say I don't really think I would change it if I could. All that moving really makes for great stories!

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  1. I sat across the table from a young girl yesterday...I listened to her life...and as I did...I saw how God takes our lives...redeems them and then can use them to fit in the story He writes as an adult...her upbringing prepared her for her marriage....her husband’s job...unique for her. So as He takes all your journey and continues to write your exciting it will be to see how He fashioned you through all those you can walk your unique story...blessings to you as He continues to write...~

  2. You sound like the Gypsy Mama with all your travels! :) Great post! Thanks for sharing! Visiting from 5MF.


  3. Great story! Thanks for sharing it with us on Gypsy Mama this morning. You are who you are because of those life experiences. I have lived in the same metroplex my entire life and do not adapt as well to change as I would like. I guess there are benefits to both ways of life. We each have our own story to tell because of it. Thanks!!

  4. Dionne, I moved a lot growing up. It certainly makes for an interesting story. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us AND for leaving such an encouraging comment on my blog.


  5. 1. You totally do not look 38.
    2. My 9th grade year of high school was my 10th new school. I'm a girl of change myself.


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