Friday, December 6, 2013

FMF "Reflect" on living on less

We were without a dryer for a little over a week and I thought I might panic. Wet clothes will freeze if hung outside during winter. We own more than a weeks worth of covering and I feel a bit of shame.  Our one income is a pot of gold in some countries, but going from one to two makes my insides still wrench.
   When Jesus calls you to live on less it doesn't feel like a blessing, but it is.  Two years of up-cycling and recycling and thrift stores bring joy. Peace has risen up since I gave away that American dream: the thought that I am entitled to it, where new once reigned and debt was attached to the hip. No debt is freedom.
   Somehow, in the less, I know I am reflecting Christ. Humbled by his sustaining and His penetrating/permeating the very core of me. I deeply pester him to continue the change. He was born in a dank, dirty manger, but never once did it stunt His purpose, His gift or His sacrifice. 

My miniscule amount of relinquishing doesn't begin to compare to His...what he has asked of me these past few years: stay home, home school, coordinate MOPS, lead, share a hidden singing voice, teach babes on Sunday-
holds my heart up high in worship as I know I am
where He wants me.

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  1. Great job Dionne. Bless you this weekend!

  2. hmmmmmmmm.....sharing your 'hidden' singing voice and taking care of babies. You are a gift!

  3. I seem to cherish seasons with "less" after they are over. I remember how I had to trust God more. But they can be hard, too.



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