Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Don't ever post pictures of your kids! Here's why...

About 6 months ago, I noticed a pattern on my blog statistics...I was looking at who was reading and following my blog. Discovering a certain follower who seemed to target my posts that ONLY had pictures of my children on it, I became alarmed.
 So I prayed and gave it some time because I am capable of jumping to conclusions without evidence and sometimes truth.

Sure enough, I saw God lead me to another post about stalkers (unfortunately, I have had one)...well, this blogger's post was actually about blog stalkers, however, it brought to my attention something I had never thought about. Silly, perhaps, but I realized how naive or thoughtless I can be about the internet even though I know that anything put out in cyber space is usually permanent. Ugh!

I conducted an experiment on my blog.  I took off all the pictures I could find of my children and EVEN ones of me that showed more of me (not that I post scantily clad pictures of myself anywhere).
Did you guess it? That follower quit following me! Hmmm, seems a bit suspicious to me.

During this process a question came to mind..."Should I really be posting pictures of my children on my blog?" It isn't as if they gave me permission. And, well, we live in an ever growing perverse world where access to people's private lives is so easily attained with a click of a button.

 It is your choice, but I urge you to reconsider giving anyone the temptation to use your pictures for their impure, unholy choice of pleasure!

*I also deleted a lot of images from my social media page even though that has some limitations to access and privacy I can set compared to my blog. 

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  1. Sounds wise to me. I edited children sharing awhile back. Bless you for your vigilance!

  2. I'm always wary of this. Still I post pics of my kids because I run a mommy blog, after all. I suppose I just try to make sure my kids are all fully clothed, their poses and expressions cannot be construed to suggest anything inappropriate, and I never mention the places they attend to. In the beginning, I tried giving them online names, but that just did not feel right to me. So now I use their first names - just like most mom bloggers do. But still, I always wonder if I should go back to online names... :(


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