Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Valentines through the decades.

Tomorrow, my kids will be attending their first Valentine's Party ever, but not at a public school. It is at the church we attend. They are schooled at home. I always attended either a public or private school, but my family didn't go to church.
    This year, the boys and I made our Valentines for everyone. Good ol' card stock, wax paper and markers! No fancy Pinterest items here, but this idea is not mine...stole it off, you guessed it, the internet. Around 22 kids who are also home schooled will be getting what you see below.

When I was in school (I attended public school), we never made our own Valentine's cards. I remember buying our cards from the nearest grocery store. We were pretty poor, but my mom always managed to find the money to pay for those super impersonal cards and some off brand juice or cookies that we were asked to bring. But, hey, any  excuse to take an hour during school to ridiculously consume too much sugar as a kid was divine.

Gathering inspiration today from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. Go here to join!


  1. Hi Dionne! Those Valentines are so cute, and your boys must be so proud of them! You will have quite a group at your party, there must be a big home-school community for you. Having that support is so essential, I bet you trade ideas all the time.

    Have a great party, and Valentines Day celebration :)

  2. So cute! I love the idea of doing handmade cards! So much more meaningful!


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