Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What is more precious than gold?

He tells me to close my eyes. I had just returned from having a woman squeeze my tatas with a vice grip as if she was expecting juice from them. You would think that with today's technology, someone could suggest a kinder way of checking for cancer in my bumps. Next time, I think I will negotiate an ultrasound and cat-scan.  Back to hubby-he hands me a special treat to celebrate my first mammogram. I gasp, then laugh. On a purple plate, two scoops of vanilla ice cream are sandwiched between two graham crackers with slices of strawberries and red hots facing out like headlights. 
Chew on that mental picture...

My youngest son gives me at least thirty pecks on my cheek with a doubly hard hug. Then, he proudly exclaims, "That was the hardest hug-EVER!"

My first born son and I giggle as he gets me with a pillow because he has figured out that this is what you do when you love can playfully tease. And I adore the banter between us.  

When I was in college, I used my engagement ring as a model for creating a sculpture. My art piece is a thin, three dimensional metal circle with metal prongs holding a white rock so elegantly on a red, crushed-velvet pillow. The ring art symbolized getting married, the commitment and the promise to come.  Yet, it wasn't the diamond or the shiny gold that was valuable. It was what it meant for my future. Now, the ring is a permanent fixture in my life, my garden-like the beauty of vowing to love my husband forever...
Check out the escapee-a metal mouse (top right).

And what is more precious than gold..?  These moments of bliss with my family.

 Prompt#3-a blog inspired by the word gold. 
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  1. That is funny and so so sweet. I love creativity like your husband displayed. :)


  2. I love the name of your blog! Stopping by from Mama Kats! So glad I have not had to be "squished" yet!. If you have never heard Chonda Pierce talk about going and having a mammogram done, you should google it- Soooooo funny!!

  3. Such sweet words. I love what you did with your sculpture. And I may use your idea for a garden this summer.

  4. Oh my goodness.. that was so funny! The good old "gold" mammogram. Perfectly said. How in the world did you end up with the treat you did... and the hugging hard. Laughing.. sorry!

    My daughter's first mammogram was a diagnostic. She got it about 6 weeks ago. They smashed her one side so hard that she passed out. When they unclamped her, she went down, hitting the cement floor with a vengeance. Code Blue was called. She was rendered in and out of consciousness for the next 4 hours. Got a servere concussion, has to be transported to a specialized hospital for head injury, and stayed for observation over night. She spent the next two weeks at home recovering from dizzyness and severe heachaches. And... you bet the hospital paid for every last bit of it! The ironic thing is, is she is an R.N.!

  5. Hi Dionne! Good for you for getting that mammogram. It is barbaric I agree, but really necessary. I read somewhere that it's like opening the refrigerator door, sticking your chest in and slamming the door. Yeah...that's pretty close!

    God bless the men in your life. What a lovely support.
    Have a great weekend, you deserve it :)

  6. Awww this was so sweet! From the creative mammogram dessert to the creative art sculpture. So much love!


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