Monday, April 6, 2015

Why I vaccinated my children

I really believe that if my Mamaw (name for my grandma) had the choice to vaccinate my uncle from Polio, she would have, but she didn't have that choice and he died at the age of 5.

Her story is a huge reason that I chose to vaccinate my children...

Have you noticed the new trend to not vaccinate children? Like breastfeeding, our culture is shifting its values. Some people are misinformed and have been lied to about vaccinations.
It is the parent's choice-well, at least for now.
I believe in the freedom our country gives us and the right to choose what is best for the health of our children, but not vaccinating scares me. 
I am not writing this to judge anyone, again-it is your choice. 

However, there are some really important aspects to consider when deciding to vaccinate or not...

1. Vaccinations eradicated small pox and practically banished other deadly diseases from our planet. What a major break through for our world!  
2. If someone from another country comes to ours with measles, mumps, whooping cough, etc. And your child or you are not vaccinated, you both will have a greater chance of getting it!!!
3. Many of those diseases have, can and will take the lives of those who are not protected by vaccines.
4. Vaccines can be spread out through the course of a child's life to make it safer for them and those whose body might not be able to handle so many germs all at once.

To me vaccination is NOT a conspiracy by the government as a way to control us...if any thing, it is a way to protect us! 
Who wants another plague after all?

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