Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I don't want to be a shake.

I don't want to be a shake. I don't mind sipping a chocolate one but, it is milky, sticky, and fattening. Yet, it is good and sweet. Most people want a shake, right? I feel guilty usually when I have one, but as the sweet cream and chocolate delight hits my tongue I feel like a child all over again and smile.

A shake though eventually melts if you don't drink it all and then you are down to a soupy, nasty drink. Shakes have to be shaken, well blended to be a shake. They aren't reliable and I always want more.
I don't want to be shaken or blended. I want to be steadfast, secure, reliable and stable not easily shaken. Who wants to be a melted mess anyways?

I find that I am most shaken by my circumstances....okay or when I see a spider crawling on my blanket WHILE I am under it! EEEK! Really, I just rely to heavily on my circumstances (and chocolate) for happiness and hope. Not that I want to and not always, but it is just easy to do so.

Like presently, I think a lot of "If I or If only" statements. I am having one right now, "If I had a good friend here I wouldn't feel so lonely." This may be true, but at times I have been in a room full of friends and still felt deeply lonely.
Placing my hope in the circumstance just doesn't work. Even though I keep trying the same old remedy it just isn't the cure!

I need to put my hope in something that works though. Hope appears 126 times in the bible according to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. I would say it is a word we should pay attention to and that it is important.
Jennifer Rothschild says in Me, Myself, & Lies, "We all need hope...Tell your soul to hope in God, in His love and in His Word." I choose to fight my fleshy side and put my hope in God alone. This is the only thing that I have seen actually work.

Hope helped my hurting heart trust God that my youngest son would come out of the hospital completely healed and recovered. Praise the Lord that he did. Hope gave me the strength to support my husband's career change. It helped me finished college. Hope has been helping me accept God's will right now and believe He really does have my best in mind.

So when I am feeling a bit blended, shaken not stirred, I gotta look at what I am putting my hope in at the moment. A milkshake (temporary happiness you better believe it)or God?

What about you? What do you put your hope in and is it a hopeless melty milkshake or a hopeful refuge of unfailing love (God)?


  1. what a delicious reminder! While I do love a creamy milk shake, you're right that I don't want to be easily shaken! Keep looking to Him ... He's helping you settle your roots. Get ready to bloom! :)

  2. I know one of the hardest things for me has been seeing people I used to walk with of look up to in the faith fall away. It's a challenge to remember that even if people disappoint that God isn't going to let us down.


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