Monday, October 31, 2011


After putting gas in my car and buying dry ice to keep the Blue Bell Ice Cream from melting, I started my journey back home from Ft. Collins. I needed a weekend to see my friends, to not be a mom for a few days. By the end of my trip, I was ready to get back and see my children and hubby. What I did not know was that a life lesson was waiting for me on my road trip.
Interstate 70 (heading West), yet again, was closed at Copper Mountain. A Haz Mat truck had an accident. In order to get home, I would have to take a pretty significant detour that would put me just outside of Vail, CO., but back on I-70 at least.
This lovely side way added an extra two hours to my normally 5 hour drive. Ugggh!
I decided to try to be positive and thought in my head that I would get to see the oh so tiny towns of Leadville and Minturn and more snow-capped mountains. The mountains were pretty.
The road was your typical two-lane and I got stuck behind slow trucks, Yay! As I was approaching Minturn all the traffic came to a nice halt. For an hour, in the dark, I barely moved and saw many people celebrating Halloween a day early. I admit I felt some impatience and frustration. Who wouldn't? I had a leg cramp and felt drowsy. Not good since I still had 2 more hours before I would be home! The town's little fiesta was costing me and of course I needed somebody or something to blame. In fairness, they actually were the cause to my delay.
I started to talk to the Lord. I asked Him if He could speed things up a bit. Thanked Him for my trip and the answered prayers of helping me see that He has me right where He wants me. That I could let Ft. Collins go now.

In the middle of my soft tears and thankfulness His still voice said, "True faith is in the unseen."

I couldn't see what the delay was in Minturn. I had NO IDEA what was causing the hold up. Why I needed to wait. All I knew was that I knew nothing. Controlled NOTHING! Sure I was irritated, I was human, but I still trusted God to get me thru it.

This is what faith in the unseen looks like. Blind faith. When we can't see what is ahead, we can't control it. When we are in the dark, we are forced to trust every curve, every detour that God is leading us to or from.

I do not know entirely where or even how the Lord is leading me, I don't know about my writing, or what staying home the rest of this year will look like, but what I DO know is that I am beginning to accept Grand Junction as my home and that God is to be trusted EVEN in the unseen.


  1. Good for you! So hard ... but essential to allowing yourself to put down roots!

    And I'm assuming you made it home eventually ... or is Minturn your new home? :)

  2. Oh and how that blind faith does lead to some pretty amazing places too. I love seeing you grow and being a part of it. It's your blind faith that has helped lead me any times ;-) Just think what you are doing for others who aren't half as hard headed as I am.. LOL


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