Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Friday...Ready,Set, Lighthouse!!

It's Friday. It is 6 am. It's a chilly morning. I am cold (even though the house heater is on). Do I want to get out of a comfy, warm bed? Um...NO! But it is I just need to do the motivator chant of Ready, Set, Lighthouse!!

Okay, before you think I have lost it for sure this time I am actually talking about my lighthouse. Yes, I own one. In the Virgin Islands or Hawaii, you ask? NOPE. I have it with me right now. (You are looking bewildered and trying to stifle a nervous giggle aren't you)?

Where did I get my lighthouse? I got it for FREE! Around high school. When it was offered to me, I asked for it confidently and sincerely. I did not have to throw a fit, pout, or whine to get it. That's good because I look terrible, foolish and wrinkly when I don't get what I want.

My lighthouse is so precious to me. Sometimes I say or do things to dim it a bit and if I am not careful, I might put it out at times. Not smart, I tell ya. Many times I have been in the middle of crashing waves where it was VERY dark and the hope of my lighthouse was about all that would keep me afloat!

I can't imagine life without it. I would be a hopeless mess.

The day I asked Jesus into my heart, to come live inside of me was the day I received my lighthouse. My soul is the place that "houses" a part of the light(Jesus).
What a privilege! I get to host the most incredible God! He actually chooses to dwell in me!!!
That just makes me want to run outside my house (in the cold mind you) and joyfully bellow, "God is my lighthouse...he lives in me...He lights my way...I am overwhelmed with gratitude...hey, neighbors (not all of them...some have lighthouses too) don't you want a lighthouse too?" --Someone would probably call the cops.
I know, I am getting carried away here, but anyone who knows me knows that's my nature. Plus, a little "safe" crazy does everyone good.

Shouldn't we WANT to tell this incredible truth? Yell it out until our voice is numb?

Ya know, real lighthouses are places many people like to tour while on vacation. That is because they are intriguing, a unique structure that guides those who need to see the dangers that lie ahead of them. They are a part of our history. They are invaluable to sailors. We can help attract that same interest to our lighthouse if we choose...
Back to getting out of bed on a chilly Friday...I have a choice on how I am going to face this day. I can acknowledge my lighthouse, turn on its' light and allow it to shine or I can ignore it and stay in the dark.

I chose to acknowledge it this morning by dancing in a very silly manner to my husband as he pulled out of the drive way. Hey, he needed a bit of humor before facing middle- schoolers! I chose it by lovingly encouraging my little boys to wake up and play.

You see, my lighthouse made me who I am. It continues to change me, making me better and it helps "light my way." It gently directs me to safety and gives me hope in dark situations. I will never regret accepting the gift of a lighthouse.

I don't want to be a dark house.

Do you have a lighthouse? Do you want a lighthouse?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your lighthouse with us! Happy Friday!


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