Friday, November 9, 2012

A week of Noah (Day 5): Quiet

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I wonder if there were ever really any quiet moments on the ark? Or if the roars, squeaks, grunts, etc. were so deafening that peace and rest rarely happened. I don't pretend to think that life on this giant sized boat filled mostly to the rim with animals was ever pure solitude, but a part of me thinks it might have been a special gift...a chance not given to any humans since to live among all of the animals of the world. All of the Lord's creation huddled and cramped for one purpose: to repopulate the earth while floating safely in a boat with God's blueprints all over it.

In the quiet of this morning before my boys awake, I ponder and am curious about a story I thought I knew so well. I am treasuring this moment as I can sit here and think, rethink, and grow deeper with God as I look further into his word. What a privilege to know and love El Chay (Hebrew for Living God) who gave me Himself through all of the stories, poems, prophecies, and letters in the Bible.

And in the quiet, I am grateful for the silent encounters with God.



  1. A beautiful post on quiet as you reflect from your time of quiet with God this morning. Praying God gives you quiet in the noise. : )

  2. What an interesting thought...I've never thought about the Ark that way either! Quiet morning time with God is my favorite. :)

  3. Interesting, isn't it, how these stories we think we know have deeper and deeper lessons in them. When we do take the time to look deeply, to listen, to hear. "Floating safely in a boat with God's blueprints all over it." Oh, to be able to see my own life in that picture!

  4. I always think about all the smells that must have been rampant while being closed up in that boat! haha :)

  5. Your last line is the first of my morning gratitudes. Yes, so thankful for quiet encounters. And for the way He can pierce through the noise and quiet my soul, too. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Great way to start your morning.


  7. Thank you Dionne, you made me think what it must have been like aboard the ark. Reminded me of the story again. Our church nursery on a Sunday morning is called Noahs Ark. Smiles.

  8. Such an interesting perspective--thanks for sharing! Yes, I can't imagine Noah experienced much solitude on the ark (do you think he ever hid in an animal's stall just to get away from the few people on board?). Thanks again!!


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