Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A week of Noah (Day 3): Why Noah didn't worry about voting.

Every four years, someone loses, someone is disappointed and a country is divided between two candidates. Luckily, Noah didn't have to worry about voting.

In his day, it was follow your own laws, yourself, or your own god. Even "fallen angels" chose their own will and married human daughters. It seems like this might be the first example of anarchy. But Noah did none of those things.  While almost everyone disobeyed and disrespected God, Noah and his family did not.
 In a way, Noah "voted" for God.
Let me explain...

Noah was given specific instructions on how to build a huge boat or "Ark"...VERY specific blueprints down to a particular wood to use called, Cypress or some translations say Gopher. The only vessel that would save his family and him.

Noah could have laughed, or decided to ignore God and build it his way, but he didn't. Sure, it would have been foolish for Noah to not believe God since drowning was the consequence, but I believe Noah wasn't just creating flood insurance for himself.

Noah didn't put his faith in humans or himself.
He put his faith in the only living God. And so should we.

We must trust God with our country and not place our hope in the government or a president. I am not saying to not vote nor am I advocating not standing up for your personal beliefs, but one must never rely on humans to make all the right decisions.

One man or Congress will not make everything as it should be...only God can do that.

Noah knew and believed that and was blessed for it.



  1. I must confess that I didn't end up voting at all! I was with my girlfriend in line and ready to register and all that. Then I was told that my voting place was a 20 minute drive away into the next town! And you know what, I live in Idaho, a republican state. It's not like I'm in Ohio or Florida or somewhere more controversial. I was a bit perplexed because there were a few local issues I wanted to vote on - but I decided to nix the whole idea. Simply because it was inconvenient. Oh man, I know it sounds lame!

    And, upon reading the paper this morning, the local issues I cared about when my way. So that was good. :)

    Great post today!

  2. :) I completely agree! Only God can fix our country... not some dude in a suit!

  3. Great reminder, Dionne! It's easy to get caught up in the election and forget that God is sovereign and is our true and only hope.


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