Friday, December 7, 2012

Jesus Had Two Dads? : A Different Christmas Story #2

Today, I am continuing a short series this month on the events surrounding Jesus' birth. My hope is that we all see how "living" and amazing God's word is as we learn new truths about our wonderful Savior.  
 Who's your Daddy?
Luke 2:1-4; Matthew 1:18-25; 2:13-23
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There is always an emphasis on Mary, Jesus' mother this time of year, but every Christmas I ponder why so little is mentioned about Joseph, Jesus' earthly father. After all, he was a great-grandson (times many) to Abraham and King David...a direct lineage that carried all the way to Jesus.

Joseph was from Bethlehem, Jesus' birthplace and did you know that David was born in Bethlehem too? So why does he seem to practically disappear after Jesus begins his ministry? Jesus' brothers and mother are mentioned later on, but I searched for more on Joseph, even a mention of his death and never found it.

Yet, Joseph needs to be given more us I mean. He was an amazing man, husband, and father. How?  
Well think about this...
 Joseph, a young man at the time was to marry a virgin(Mary). A virgin who suddenly showed up pregnant! Babies out of wedlock meant public disgrace and family shunning.  Joseph could have been revengeful and ugly, but he chose to quietly divorce Mary. Did you catch that? He chose to not be cruel or show his anger or hurt outwardly. He was willing to drop pride for the sake of Mary's feelings.  
He also was said to be faithful to the law and so it could be assumed that he was a good citizen/man as well. Later, Joseph also adheres to Caesar Augustus's decision to hold a census of the entire Roman world and then he upheld the purification rites required by the law of Moses and presented Jesus to the Lord.
     Then, in a dream, one of God's angels explained Mary's pregnancy and tells Joseph to not be afraid to take Mary as his wife. He is then told as Mary was that the child's name is to be Jesus because he will save people from their sins. Joseph was a great believer too. He was obedient to God's plans. And each time an angel told him what to do, he listened!

Joseph not only took Mary as his wife and tried to provide a comfortable place to birth a baby (there was no room in the Inn), but he accepted a son that was not his. He raised him in the law and it can be assumed that Joseph contributed somewhat to Jesus growing in wisdom, stature and in finding favor with God and man. Luke 2:52
Sure, Jesus was without sin and is God, but he didn't grow into a human heathen or brat. His parents must of instilled human morals and values. 

I am still unclear on why Joseph is not mentioned later in scripture. Perhaps, he did pass away. Perhaps, his role in Jesus' life later on was not essential to Jesus' purpose/ministry. Only the Lord himself really knows and it will be one of those questions I ask in Heaven.
God thought of everything and Jesus essentially had two dads.  An earthly one that fulfilled prophecy and our Heavenly Father whom sent us the best Christmas gift: Immanuel, Jesus...the one whom saved (us) the world from itself.


  1. Thanks for this. I wonder why we don't think more about Joseph.We know all about Mary but Joseph did something pretty special as well.
    Hmm. Never considered this before. Thankyou.

  2. Dionne--some great observations and great questions...I guess we'll have to wait until Heaven to find out. :-)


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