Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Floss expires, hope doesn't, and Christmas

Standing above my bathroom sink, I attempt ridding my face of the last bit of make-up. Ya know, the mascara that isn't waterproof, but still taunts you with its never-ending streaks of black? I'm not exaggerating, really.
     I begin my not so routine of brushing the yucky of today off my teeth. In the middle of brushing, I just happen to glance over at the floss and read, expires (see below). Wait a minute. Seriously?

I get how milk, meat, veggies, even medicine loses its effectiveness after awhile, but floss?
Someone please explain how floss expires? It's just flat rope that dislodges food and plaque.
What could go bad? Okay, some floss are mint or cinnamon flavored? Do those spices spoil therefore creating an oxymoron here?
I think of Wile Coyote and the Road Runner and a frayed rope, unraveling to one tiny string. I laugh as I picture Wile Coyote using it to get to his desired prey when the Road Runner happens to have a pair of scissors and cuts the rope sending the Coyote to his "cartoon" demise.

And I think of the unraveling of the world due to sin and how Satan pulls out his handy scissors to snip hope from others. How different Christmas will be for the families facing such grief in Connecticut. I recoil when I think of sending my child to public school and online schooling is suddenly more attractive.

How the belief meter dwindled quickly for some when they asked,"How can you believe in a God that allowed those innocent children to die? Such a senseless act."  I understand their question, but it hurts to not have an answer. I feel a coldness and it isn't the winter air and my heart aches with compassion. And my prayers sometimes seem feeble, but I still pray because...

Floss may expire, but hope doesn't. God doesn't even if we don't understand what he allows. He gave us all a freedom to choose and we mock that freedom when it causes us pain.
Please don't unfriend (or hate) me for saying that...I've been there. I've mocked it too.
And this is where I will leave this heavy topic alone now.

One tradition we have created since our sons were born almost 5 years ago, is to get a new ornament for them, or make one. I usually buy a very inexpensive one for hubby and I, but I just love the idea of having ornaments for my sons and giving it to them on their wedding day. Here are some pictures:

White Glue snowman. Easy and fun.

Your turn.Share a your Christmas traditions with me.

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  1. Really hard questions that I don't think we'll answer this side of heaven. I watched my children in the church nativity on Sunday and posted about it and then wondered if it was inappropriate when in CT there are so many Mums who won't get a chance to see their little ones dress up this year.
    I feel moved to check the expiry date on my dental floss, now.
    Floss might expire, and we can't explain that.
    God's love doesn't expire, even when evil seems to have had its day. We can't explain that either but I'm hanging on to it tightly.
    Have a peaceful Christmas, sister. x

  2. I think everything is supposed to have an expiration date these days - because so many want to sue when something goes wrong. Even a kit-kat bar I opened the other day had a "tear here" tab. lol

    I just heard from another friend that she gets her kids an ornament every year to give them when they get married. That is so cool! New Christmas tradition - started.

  3. I guess we are "between" traditions now that both boys are out of the nest. We stay flexible and see them whenever we can. One tradition I just realized is that they always know they are welcome in our home. We won't grudge their time with other family and friends, or demand their attendance on a certain date, but we LOVE to host them and their significant others. It's hard to explain the joy of having them come visit as friends.

    And yes, we supply fresh floss in the guest bath! ;)

  4. We live in a fallen world; therefore, darkness is all around us and the prince of this world, the prince of darkness is certainly enjoying his hour (1 John 5: 19)But his hour is coming to a close. The time is near when he will be finally defeated. (2 Corinthians 4: 4) Victory is won and Christ is the true King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The designs of our Great God are often unexplainable and unexpressible; but what kind of a God would we serve if we could understand everything about Him with our limited human brains? Some answers are not for us to know on this side of Heaven.
    As far as Christmas traditions, I share yours, Dionne! And more amazing than that, my older son's name is also Grant! Have a blessed Christmas.


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