Thursday, August 8, 2013

Transitions and you are tired of the Borg...

This week is transition week in my home. No, summer is not over yet, but hubby's teacher duties resume. Kids come next week. I am alone with my boys again. This is fabulous and painful.
Painful because we miss hubby/daddy. Painful because even temporary transitions hurt. 
       We will get through it though. We will adjust, but hubs and I agreed that sometimes in life adjusting doesn't always mean it is what is best for you.

Hence, the Borg in my title.  
I have felt the tug of the world tempt me to assimilate, adjust...tell me, "resistance is futile"...but I have watched what assimilating is doing and it is damaging and I want no part of it.  
             At a park awhile back, I observed the Borg (half person/half machine)...people (organic) with their hand attached to a their phones (machine) instead of watching their child go down the slide with the biggest giggle. It is sad. I think we are headed to a place where phones will be inserted into us and we really will be the Borg!
            For a minute, I am going to throw a bit of a fit. When you are having a conversation with someone or eating at the dinner table-it is RUDE to check your text, or text! When you haven't seen someone for months, it is weird that you would pause in the middle of your activity to get on FB! Seriously? 

When did we decide that our phone was more important than people? 

Our phones don't really combat loneliness. It helps us connect easier, faster of course, but it never replaces the value of face to face relationships!

        I am NOT dissing technology because it is amazing and has a place in our lives. I have seen God use it for good, but here is where I choose to "unplug".
I read paper books.
I don't have or want internet on my phone.
I don't have cable or a 150 channels.
I don't plan to Twitter-EVER because I doubt anyone cares that much about the little details of my life.
Lastly, I will never text, or choose my phone over you...I have even decreased my blogging in the
name of relationships over social media.

Where do you unplug or would like to unplug?


  1. Hi Dionne! Thanks for visiting me today!

    Oh, this is my husbands pet peeve. Especially the people on the phone driving. It drives him NUTS!

    I was out to dinner with my daughter-in-laws family, and her brother had a cellphone under the table, texting away. Give me a break! This was the first time we met him. Not a good impression to say the least.

    Hang in there, unplugged!

  2. Amen! I throw a fit with you!! And I have chosen to unplug in the exact same ways! It's not all bad, but we must be willing to know when it's best to plug in and when to open our eyes to what's around us without the distraction. Thanks for posting this!

  3. It's transition time here. And unfortunately Brandon and I had a HUGE argument over this whole Borg fiasco this weekend. We took the kids to the park and he sat playing games on his phone the whole time while I watched the other kids play and played with Adrienne. He just doesn't get what he is missing out on. This part makes me very very sad.

  4. Hi Dionne! Well, I would have to say, don't stop blogging all together, I'd miss you :)

    But it is a good idea to put down the technology and actually LIVE. You can't write anything of value unless you live value. Great truth there.

    Happy Saturday!

  5. Dionne--it sometimes seems like a 'rage against the machine', doesn't it, because everyone is texting. I use my phone when I'm out with friends and family to share pictures. And if I get a text I say, excuse me, and people are usually forgiving.
    But it is a constant vigilance. What have I been doing? I stay off Facebook on the weekends....I know my flesh and my flesh just wants to get sucked into virtual conversations I don't need--and the weekends are for projects and REAL people. My little bit.

    Good job 'ranting.'

  6. How do I unplug? Well, I'm consciously staying off FB during the weekends....I know my flesh and I'd love to be part of the virtual 'conversations', but the weekends are for projects and REAL people, know what I mean?

  7. :) I got rid of cable, and we try to keep our phones on silent and in our pockets if we are out and about and in the bedroom if we are at home. Just while we are eating or spending time together as a family. It happens to me EVERYTIME I go out with a friend. The phone buzzes, and the person answers it. I have done it before when it's my hubby, but otherwise I try to put it on mute, so I am not even tempted.


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