Thursday, August 29, 2013

Something Papaw said.

Mama's Losin' It
Today, I am using Mama Kat's famous writing prompts to inspire me today. The prompt I chose...
#4 Something your grandfather told you.

 Okay, really Papaw sang this...
And the farmer hauled another load of hay.

When I read the prompt, this little diddy came to my mind. I don't know why. I am not even sure what wisdom, if any lies within these sung words. 

Perhaps, Papaw was warning me that sometimes working involves lots of mundane, do-the-same-thing, Groundhog Day tasks?

Maybe it was an attempt to instill work ethic? Sending subliminal messages that hard work pays off?
That if one grows hay, there will be hay to load?

It is possible that Papaw was promoting support for farmers. Farmers work hard, farmers feed us and farmers should be treated with respect.

Okay, am I stretching it a bit? It is just a song, right? He sang it a lot. The song has stuck in my mind for 35 years...somehow it has impacted me.  Papaw passed away on November 17, 1993. I think this song is just one of many wonderful quirks that keep his memory alive. 

Some other funny sayings from Papaw..."You mother-ape." -(used instead of the curse word), "Come on toots, be there." -(when he wanted a good card hand or roll of the dice), and "Master-burger." -(he meant to order the Whopper, but said this and totally confused the drive-thru cashier).

Last picture taken the summer before my Papaw passed away.

 I miss you Papaw!



  1. Funny I immediately thought of a song my grandpa used to sing too!!!

  2. Your Papaw was obviously a very well-rounded, thoughtful man.

  3. Hi Dionne! I love that you remember so much about your Paw Paw after all these years! He really made an impression on you.

    (I may borrow "You mother-ape". That's hysterical!)

    1. I really miss him, Ceil. He was a joyful man who made so many people feel loved. Oh, feel free to borrow his "mother-ape". It still cracks me up to this day!

  4. I love everything about that picture of your Papaw, especially the curtains and the plate hanging on the wall.

    1. Isn't there just something about older people's homes that are just comforting and safe? I miss those curtains and that plate...his wife, my Mamaw passed away in 2006.

  5. The "Master-burger" - that's funny! My great-Aunt once ordered "Clamps" instead of "Clams" at a Long John Silver's drive-thru!


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