Friday, September 20, 2013

Five-Minutes on She

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             The prompt? She.

She came from the same family as me, but she is different. Her story is different. Her choices and the words of hurt she heard.

I heard some of those stinging words said to her and I wish I could make dad take them back.
SHE still thinks those words are true of her, but they are not. God's words say something else. I say something else to encourage and speak love into her life. I hear it helping. She is in a terribly hard place where the man she married hurls hurtful words like dad at her and money is tight. She feels like there is no escape, yet she believes and clings to God's hope and redemption for her. 

It really is the best and worst place to be in life.

To be completely dependent on God because circumstances are impossible is where God wants her, but she is tired. I feel her exhaustion and sadness. And my merciful heart cries, "Abba, please."

I haven't seen her for over 5 years, but we talk and we write and we dream about a "safe" place to see each other again. And she ends our recent phone call sick, but with some laughter. 

SHE is being prayed for and whether she understands it fully, 
SHE is heard.

...The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer.
Psalm 6: 6-9, Psalm 40:1 NIV


  1. Your love and compassion for your sister shine brightly. I loved this. (visiting from FMF.)

  2. I was right to bring the tissues with me. :) Thank you for stopping by Renaissance Women. God Bless You for your gentle loving kindness to your sister and your prayers on her behalf. The Lord has surely heard your cry for mercy and I know He has accepted them. It the type of God he is.

    Blessings on you and your sister today.

    ~ Cassandra from Renaissance Women

  3. There is so much power in prayer. Keep on praying. He hears all our prayers. Beautiful and honest post.


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