Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10-Minute Wednesdays-Funny stories

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 I don't know about you, but I have had one of those days where I could use a laugh. So without further ado...here is my funny story in 10-minutes:

My brother and I went to the same college for a couple of years. We were having lunch outside in the commons area when a custodian (a woman) came right between us...I mean in-between us to where we were practically touching arms with her to pick up a cigarette butt with a metal contraption that had pinchers attached at the bottom. She didn't say excuse me as she tried to grasp the cigarette butt of the ground to no avail. The worst part was that the tool was making a consistent squeaker, squeaky, squeaker sound that sent me into hysterics. 
   And if you have one of those best friends or a sibling then you KNOW that once you look them in the eye that it only makes you laugh harder and more! So there we were trying our hardest to not crack up hysterically in front of this woman, but the more we tried the more difficult it was to contain our laughter.
 I am sure some of my spit ended up on this woman! She did eventually get the cigarette butt of the ground and we were able to let our laughter out. Of course, we did the whole let's replay this conversation to only enjoy another burst of giggles. 

Okay-Your turn!! Give me a funny story.


  1. I love gigglefests with my siblings ... they know me best. :)

  2. Hi Dionne, sorry I missed linking with you this week. I was not on my blog or anyone else blog this week-due to other stuff. Hope to catch back up next week. Sending smiles.


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