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The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea

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     Once upon a time, there was a Princess who lived comfortably when compared to the majority of the kingdom. Like other woman her age, she enjoys a bit of pampering and chocolate from time to time. Those in the kingdom call her generous, kind and beautiful. She's also known for showing love to the Ogres and Trolls and for her belief in God. But like most women, she sometimes lets her emotions dictate her and that often leads to trouble.
   Life was good until one day while walking through the forest, the princess got distracted by a Purple-throated Hummingbird, became lost, and stumbled upon the Forest of Truth. Now this was no ordinary forest. It exposed a person's soul. A place that if one lingered long enough, one could not help but stay, for the forest was the only place that revealed complete and whole truth.
    The princess had never visited this forest. She looked in every direction, but could only see sparkling, emerald-green leaves swaying in the gentle breeze. Every tree looked the same. She sat on a log and wanted to cry and let her fear overtake her, but she knew better. So she prayed. She asked God to help her get back to the kingdom safely. She asked for guidance because she didn't know which way to go.
   Silence. Minutes passed and nothing pointed the way and no one came to save her. Inside the princess' heart a bit of frustration began to well up. The longer the princess had to wait the more the frustration grew. 
The princess cried out, "Why won't you help me? I am a princess. Why should I have to wait? Haven't I loved your Ogres and Trolls? Haven't I served you rightly?"
As soon as the words flew out of her mouth, the princess winced. How could she say those words to God? How could she be so ugly to her greatest love?
Then, a whisper that seemed to come from the trees said,"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
"What does that mean? I just want to go home." 
Do you value the kingdom more than me?  
The princess pondered the words. The truth was that at that very moment, she was letting her selfishness dictate her behavior. God was speaking to her. God was giving her rest, a beautiful forest to enjoy and all she could think about was how she had to wait to be saved. Her heart grew sad and she asked God to forgive her.
Suddenly,  a bright light shone and a path emerged. The princess felt torn because as much as she was happy go back to her warm, comfortable kingdom she really wanted to stay. To relish in the rest, in the peace and truth that surrounded her.   
      As she hesitated to step on the path, she said out loud, "Father, God, I want to come to this place everyday. I want to know you deeper and deeper and not be afraid. I want to bask in your truth and experience this rest that you so lovingly offer your children. Please let me do this."

And as she started walking down the trail, she heard another whisper, "Draw near to me and I will draw near to you." And she smiled.


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