Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Feminine Needs Aisle Scam!

1. Write a blog post in exactly eight lines

Is it wrong that when I strolled down the "Feminine Needs" aisle I was expecting more than pads and tampons?

I was hoping for a massage therapist, chocolate, gourmet coffee, books, my best girlfriends to share in the fortune and the modern Captain America and Thor.

All in one skinny section of the food market.

Of course, that didn't happen. I was so disappointed!

Really, my grocery store should rename the section "Once a month, inconvenient, annoying, embarrassing products for women."

Okay, that would be too long, but would it hurt to just call it what it is for once?

Why kill my desires with deceiving titles?

Just saying!

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  1. I think your description of the feminine needs aisle needs to happen. I know some of them do have a chocolate display on their endcap needs the items. Still not good enough though.

  2. LOL! Yes, there should be an entire "feminine needs" store, any nary a pad or tampon in sight!

    1. Ooh, I like your idea!! I so agree on no pad or tampon thank you!

  3. Cute. You're right. There was a comedian in the 90's originally from Russian, who held up a box of New Freedom Pads as part of his routine saying, "Freedom in Box! Only in America." LOL

  4. What about cookies and Pop Tarts?

  5. Haha! And what's up with putting the baby stuff in the same aisle? I suppose it's sort of convenient, but still...Of course, at my age, I get to avoid both of those. Until grandkids, anyway.

  6. Ha! Too true! That would be awesome...

  7. You're right ... the feminine needs aisle IS misleading! And I need a whole lot more than what Wal-Mart can offer. ;)

  8. Someone needs to make you in charge of stocking the feminine needs aisle for sure!


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