Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We had to have a piece of fall

We drive the 45 minute trip so we can see a bit of fall.  We really have no idea what awaits us up in the Mesa Mountains. And then...we see them. All of them. The blazing yellows of the Aspen trees.

We are hypnotized by the swaying of their brilliant, gold fire.  We intend on capturing these beauties with our camera, but even a professional's touch can't do justice to what you must see in person.

(please do not use photo without permission)

This mommy HAS to have a family picture! Has to put four souls together with a piece of fall near them.

Later, we had hot chocolate and played by one of the many lakes that exist in this beautiful place.

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  1. Found you through the SITS Blog Challenge and became a follower. What great pictures! Your family is beautiful. (Just like me, I need a family picture everywhere we go)

    Hope you have a blessed rest of the day!


  2. It looks so beautiful! Love your family picture! I have a feeling I will be coming back to your blog often. :) Stopping by from SITS today.

  3. Beautiful. Though I would never move from California, I envy all of you who live where there are actually seasons punctuated by brilliant colors! :) Your bio is so similar to mine!
    visiting from SITS

  4. What a wonderful picture! I love color of the leaves in the picture too.

  5. Beautiful images and a lovely family! Thanks for sharing such wonderfully descriptive words too! (Stopping by from SITS and thanks for visiting my blog!)

  6. Gorgeous pix! I've been getting nostalgic for all of the colors back East in the Berkshires, myself...


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