Friday, April 19, 2013

Hosting some Traveling Stones

Okay, so I was reading this awesome bloggers page:
about her receiving a traveling stone.

Traveling what you ask? Let me explain...the journey started in Canada in late 2012 when Traveling Stone founder, Darlene received two stones-one round pink pearl and a rectangular purple rock-at a function.

Well, to make a wonderful story short-these two stones have since been split where the pink pearl has traveled from Scotland, to Australia to Texas and now, me!

The pink pearl is in near the top left corner of the box.

Now, on to the juicy journey part!

After receiving the stones, they first met my children
(they just wanted to touch and play with them of course) :)

Don't you just love the one blue-eyed and the one brown-eyed mix?

Then, I took them to visit my  awesome friend, Andrea as we both met up in Glenwood Springs, Colorado- a beautiful mountain town surrounded with forests, but I didn't see any bears!  The Stones insisted that they take all the photos so you won't see them on this trip, but they were me.
   We decided to take the stones to see the infamous, and historical cemetery where Doc Holliday was buried. Below are some pictures of the town and cemetery.

Is it just me or does this bench right next to the edge of a steep cliff feel a bit sadistic...wrong?
The Pink pearl really loved this tombstone and remarked that she felt a kinship ( I get it).
My friend, Andrea (right) and I on the path to the cemetery.

 Back at home, when I thought Spring was here...The pearl (whom wanted to relax by our mini-pond) and I got a nice surprise of snow! I know, welcome to Colorado stones! See below:

Hard to believe I am wearing a sweater in the middle of April!
So to prove the traveling stones made it to Colorado...I am including a snippet from a postcard and a decal sticker. I think the stones were happy to be here and have enjoyed seeing mountains, and a semi-arid part of west Colorado!
WAIT! Don't go...

The stones need a new host! If you would like to host the traveling stones, please put your email in the comments box and I will send them to you.
I'm linking to Traveling Stones ! Go here as well for more information and to keep track of the stones journeys.

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  1. What fun! I never heard of Traveling Stones before. Happy landings, Pearl!


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