Friday, April 26, 2013

Always room for one more...

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Writing five minutes on the word: Friend

There's always room for one more least in my heart. I don't believe one more is just too much. I just know this me needs a variety of personalities to stretch me, love me, "get me", encourage me and be okay with this definition of me. 

I met and made a friend, finally after being in this Colorado city for two years and now God is moving her family 4 hours away to Denver. Her name is Morgan. She so gets me.

I want to throw...okay I have thrown a bit of a fit because I am going to miss my new friend. But, instead of writing to pout, I am going to tell you why I will miss having her here in my life daily.

Morgan writes a blog (go here and she writes pre-teen stories and well, she just writes well. She understands why I write. She kept me accountable when I didn't want to send my children's stories that I wrote in...
           Morgan knows how to encourage and you feel that she cares about you.
You feel that momma love that she so readily displays to her four beautiful children.
She inspires me to be that kind of momma.

Morgan GETS my, really, I-don't-have-to-explain my self and she doesn't shift uncomfortably at my odd way of seeing things because she sees them and she plays right along. Sometimes she is the one cracking me up.

Morgan knows God and her family, her husband do too. And they are moving because God wants them too and he is providing a career shift for hubby...and they trust God, they pray to him, and they know him. And I get that because that is why we are here on the west side of Colorado instead of on the east...
I trust God for my friend, but I am going to miss her!

I hope God brings me another friend like Morgan soon...there's always room for one more.


  1. God will send you new friends, He loves you.

  2. Hi! I'm visiting from Lisa Jo's site and just want to say that you're so right! There is always room for one more! I hope you will find another friend soon and that you'll find one of the best things about a friend like Morgan is that distance doesn't always make much difference! Thanks for writing!

  3. There IS always room for one more, and that was beautiful how you shared how wonderful she is...
    May you both be blessed by your time together and how it will affect your friendships in the future.

  4. Dionne, the joy of this (virtual, invisible) friendship over the blogosphere is that there is truly 'room for one more.' I'm glad to be your friend, altho' I'm hundreds of miles away.
    May God grow your friendship with Morgan--she sounds like a godsend--in spite of the hours and miles between you.

  5. You are a blessing to me, too! Thanks for these sweet words, they brought happy tears to my eyes. And just know that we intend to have space for our friends to visit ... so be ready to stay with us the next time you head "over the hill". Blessings on you~

  6. Oh, I will miss my friend (and sissy) Morgan too! :-( But God has good things in store for them, and you too! Maybe we can be friends... :-D


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