Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Last of the Tea kettles...

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  (Can you guess the movie reference in my title)?

Prompt #4: The last thing you lost:The top off of the tea kettle. 
I know, how in you lose that? 
It all started with a move two years ago. Pack, pack and pack more of our junk stuff. Sometimes in an orderly fashion with department style wrapping of newspaper. Mostly, if the kitchen items made it into the boxes labeled "kitchen," some organization was happening and you'd think unpacking would be a breeze. Nope.
   While ripping open and removing items from newspaper, my inked fingertips happily held my beloved tea kettle...only to be confused by a missing top. A top that fits tight so no steam escapes while a most unpleasant, high-pitched steel pot screams at you that the water is hot enough to cause it to whistle. Pure bliss on a cold day when hot chocolate awaits. I know I could use a microwave, but it just doesn't have the same appeal.
Back to the top. I unpacked every box. Even boxes that said, "toys or tools." Nothing. 

I'll admit to you that I decided to white-trash it (please forgive my unkind label, but it truly captures what I did here)...I put aluminum foil over the gaping whole so that my tea kettle would work. I didn't have the heart to throw it away. I thought of ways to up-cycle it. Okay, I broke down a bought a cheap one at that "W" store. 

Then seriously, a year later, the dumb thing shows up. Out of nowhere, somehow I find it stuck in an old ceramic, disaster of a piece I made in my second attempt at becoming a ceramist! Now, I have two tea kettles to torture my ear drums or to put humidity in the air since I live in a very dry climate.
I know, lucky me.

Your turn, what have you lost?


  1. That is so frustrating... to have it show up a year later!

  2. Oh I hate when this happens... It seems that as soon as you replace it, the missing item turns up. Usually after the 30 days you have to return said new item. sigh.

    1. So true. Sigh is the perfect reaction. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I'm still looking for a brand-new thirty-one insulated lunch bag with my name embroidered on it that I received as a gift exactly two years ago. The last time I remember seeing it was when I opened it....

  4. what a random thing to lose! I'm glad you found it :)

  5. When I was a kid I had this set of plastic scottie dogs. They had magnets in their snouts to pull them together into a "kiss". One dog went missing. It was too sad to have this one dog always looking for that missing mate!

    1. Awww...I agree, how sad that the scottie dog was missing his mate! What a cute gift though. Thank you May for stopping by.

  6. We lost a few things when we moved too... were stuck with only flannel sheets half the summer... ugh. Then we found them in a "winter clothes" box. They were quite welcome when we found them! I totally lost my keys in HS and NEVER found them. So frustrating! Glad you found your top. I love tea from the kettle too.


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