Sunday, July 14, 2013

When we all need an umbrella

There are times in life when nothing is wrong or going wrong and yet anger or sadness or fill in the blank seeps into the head or heart. A uncontrollable-out of nowhere emotion or thought threaten, but we don't know why. Seriously, it might feel like insanity.
And then there are instances of real grief or trials or problems.

Either way...this is when we all need an umbrella; Something or someone to cover our humanness:
An umbrella to protect and never tire,
hope without despair,
courage instead of fear,
comfort and not answers,
sureness in spite of doubt,
encouragement and less criticism.

Moments when we just need someone to listen, understand and care. A two-way, unconditional relationship. If we close our eyes, if we forget who we've been and worry less about appearances, perhaps we won't miss what we long so deeply for: something, someone that satisfies and is everlasting.
I have ever only found that something is this someone: Jesus 


  1. Sweet reminder from a sweet friend! Thanks!

  2. Jesus is my umbrella. Love this image! So thankful that he provides full coverage. :-) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes, dear friend... He's the only satisfier, isn't He? So why do I chase so many other "fillers?" Love your heart. Praying for His joy to fill you to the VERY TOP!

  4. "I have only ever found that something is Jesus." Yes, and amen.

  5. I'm so grateful you stopped by my place and led me here. This was a reminder I needed. I love the thought of Jesus as my umbrella. Beautiful!
    Blessings to you,

  6. I'm sorry I'm just now seeing your comment at my place. Yes, I will pray. May they all with their holey cups be filled with Jesus and standing under that umbrella of faith!

  7. Hi Dionne! So nice to stop by your blog!

    Oh, I don't think you have to worry about insanity, life is pretty crazy and we all get sucked into the whirlpool at times. How nice you have your umbrella to protect you from the fallout of the negative things. Great image!

    Good to meet you!


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