Sunday, May 13, 2012

In memory of my Mommy...

I am not sure if what I write today will do justice to my mom. That it will really tell her story, but well I am gonna give it a go and see where it takes me. Meet my mom, Debra "DeLynn" Whalin:

Feb. 2, 1952-Oct. 29, 2006

This is how I remember her: 
My mom was a woman who cleaned with bleach. The windows opened and Barbara Streisand or Ann Murray or the Beatles played while she made the place sparkle. She loved music and it seemed to define her, speak for her, encourage her and give her energy. Although she never played an instrument, she could sing on key. Before she passed away she was listening to The Fray, and John Maher.  A woman open to all kinds of music. 

Even more, she was a DANCER. Not the professional kind, but had quick feet and style. 

My mom never went to college or really had an established career, but she could whip your tail in crossword puzzles, well, puzzles in general. An amazing speller and a quick learner. 

She was a sassy, high-cheek boned tomboy. A lover of fishing, camping and playing horseshoes. She could be quite competitive and was a practical joker. Her favorite holiday was Halloween and a chance to scare someone was her thing.
Playing horseshoes July 2006

She could make a pot of beans taste gourmet and brew the best sweet, iced tea. Thanksgiving in our house consisted of stuffing ourselves with her infamous southern dressing (stuffing to northern folk). In other words, she was a fabulous cook. Her creatively decorated cakes were special and magical to my siblings and I when we were kids. You should have seen the Dukes of Hazard Cake for my brother. Yes, I just dated myself a bit.

My favorite thing about my mom was her sense of humor. I think that was her biggest secret to getting through the tough trials of life. Oh, her laugh...when she laughed it sounded like a repeated, precious hiccup. We were a great team this way because I could always see the funny in the situations that she saw and we would laugh together.

I always loved holding her hand and the feeling was mutual. She was one of my greatest cheerleaders when it really mattered. Like the day I became a teacher. She always respected that career and encouraged me to do it. She always told me I was pretty. 

How she said my name..."Dyon." The correct way. Sometimes she would say "Dee" as a shortened version. I just wish I could hear that today.

The way she looked at me while I was in my wedding dress is my greatest memory. In that moment, I knew how she really felt about me. Who I was to her. How proud she was of me. I am so glad she was there for that special day.

I am a motherless daughter/mother who at least knew my mother and I thank the Lord that I had her for 32 years. 
Happy Mother's Day mommy.

 Covered in Grace


  1. what a beautiful tribute to your Mother. It i easy to understand why you miss her physical presence in your life. I miss my mom too...but knowing she is in heaven makes it easier...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    great pictures!

  2. I love your mom already... hope to meet her in Heaven and join her in a few practical jokes. It's just not fair that you've got to finish this life without her. So sorry.


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