Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two Liebster awards is because of ya'll...

I got a second Liebster award! From Alesha @ http://tobless.blogspot.com/

Wow! I feel really honored and humbled. For someone to think someone else should check out my blog is beyond kind. I began writing my blog as a sanity saver back in 2010. Then, as an outlet, then in Fall of 2011, I felt God pull at my heart and say, write for me. Share your honest heart and share your story. Since my choice, I have been encouraged by others to continue writing. Comments have come in the form of not feeling alone in my struggles, thoughts, etc. Others have let me know how what I shared was what they needed to hear.

Humbling because really, who am I? It is a privilege to write, to blog, to get to know other bloggers. Thank you all 31 followers and even to those of you who read it, but don't join the Google followers.

Here are blogs that are worth checking out...

Benjamin @ http://benwriteshisownstory.blogspot.com/ 
                          (this little guy since birth has had it rough, but his perseverance and his family rock)

Laura @ http://aruffledheart.blogspot.com/
           (She tells it wonderfully, passionately, truthfully what life has been like since her heart surgery)

Alesha of course @ http://tobless.blogspot.com/
      ( She is a blessing and when you read her blog, you will know why.)

Matt @ http://mattwolfrenewal.blogspot.com/
    ( a pastor, my brother-in-law, and a guy's blog...yay!)

Sorry, I know we are supposed to put five, but all other blogs I follow consist of 200 or more followers.

Enjoy the four blogs above and five more facts about me:
     1. My favorite color is coral although I am partial to warm chocolate colors too.
     2. I have two dimples on my face.
     3. My stomach doesn't tolerate sausage.
     4. I am the youngest of three siblings. I have a sister (she's the oldest) and a brother.
     5. I have a fairy garden.


  1. well deserved! love reading your blog!

    1. Aww...you are so kind to say that! Thank you.


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