Monday, April 30, 2012

Sacrifice isn't sacrifice if no thing is sacrificed...

In less than two weeks I understood something. Not really for the first time, but with deeper, stick to your ribs or head finally kind of knowledge. A tug on my heart and a wincing reaction I can't shake. This is not bad. No, this is stretching, challenging and what my heart desires. Don't get me wrong, it is uncomfortable. I feel guilt and conviction and I am torn. Let me explain...

It started with running into stories, seeing faces, seeing the reality of others. I compare their trials to mine and mine is pale in comparison. Yet, I can learn from their hurts, but I don't know if they could learn from mine. 
     The family whose 5 year old daughter is battling cancer. I hush about the stupid garbage disposal breaking. 
     The pastor in a country who has been imprisoned because of his faith. I rejoice that I can go to church. I fasted a meal for this man's freedom and ran an extra 10 minutes even though I wanted to stop. It was the LEAST I could do. Thank you River of Life Alliance Church for informing me of this man's plight.
    Then, the girl named Lauren, who had heart surgery and she isn't even 30 yet. I am silent about the less severe health problems and surgeries I have endured. She is brave, she struggles, she writes and I am inspired, grateful, and encouraged. I have to share her blog with you...  
    Then there is sweet Benjamin. Born too early. Whom has a 9/14 chromosomal trans-location. He is the first documented case. He is unique in a different way. He is over one and has just rolled over recently. He is amazing, a miracle and has impacted my life even though I have never met him. I only know his grandparents. Here is his blog:

Oh the sacrifices these families have endured. I understand that I have not persevered this way. I know there is always someone who will have a more horrific or harder story than me. But this is no excuse to not learn from them. No excuse to not share mine either!

So to me, the greatest way to stomp the selfishness in me is to sacrifice something with no reward, blessing, etc. for me in return. Where the sacrifice is purely for someone else to be blessed. Where my reaction turns to action toward a hurt not my own.

So for these four families I will sacrifice a meal, sacrifice my time by praying for a week straight, and I will praise the Lord with a grateful heart for the what I have, the health of my family, the freedom to believe without imprisonment.

Grateful for these healthy, precious gifts from God!

Somehow, through these situations the Lord placed in my lap, grew a greater understanding that sacrifice leads to freedom. To let go of what my heart and hands want to covet makes room for God's treasures. That you are really blessed when you give than when you receive.

Tomorrow, will mark the 5th month of 6th of my sugar challenge. It started out with a dangling carrot as the main keeper of my will (money), but, I am glad to mostly give up the sweet has shown me that I CAN do without and still be content. I can rest in God's provision and strength.

Please share your story with me...I want to know it.


  1. this is so great Dionne.
    I think it's a good reminder for all of us.
    Because even the little things (sacrifices) we make can go a long way.

    come link up!

  2. Wow, Dionne, Thanks for sharing the perspective you've gained. It's true, even in my roughest times other people have borne much greater burdens than I have. Much food for thought here.
    Love you!


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