Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What to do about Lemons...

Ya know that pucker face you make when you bite into a lemon? The sour that lingers? I want to scrape it off my tongue. Or chase it away with something sweet. This time, there is no sugar to coat it. No human remedy to rid the lemon(s) existing currently in my life.

 It happens when handed news after news that things around you are breaking down. That what appeared to be stable is crumbling or flat broke.  Let me explain...

Hubby and I were given a financial gift, a blessing that will (or seemed to) provide what we need for me to stay home, to be able to be with my children and serve outside the home in ways that make it impossible if I were working. So we were of course grateful and pleased at this blessing.

Like weeds out of nowhere popping up all over my yard, the lemons revealed themselves one by one.

1. The garbage disposal is cracked and done. $100-150

2. The back passenger window on our Jeep decided to fall off the track-it is held in place by my ingenious hubby's toothbrush resolution...they are keeping it from sliding down. $300-500

3. The back porch roof is leaking. It is collecting water and we better fix it before it crashes down. $100-?

4. The water pump that gives us water for our grass, trees, etc. is leaking and won't work properly if  we don't fix it. $200-300

5. Son and hubby need the dentist to do some major repairs on their teeth for which insurance WILL NOT cover. $2000 approx.

6. The jet on the jet tub died...at least we can still shower or bathe.

That equals about half of the substantial gift gone.
so some of the above we can certainly
 live without and is not like having no heat in the winter, no hot water or even food.

But, it is hard to understand God's plan. Hard to see what He is doing. On one hand, maybe the gift was to provide for these lemons er, problems. Perhaps it is testing where our priorities are and whether we will trust God with all of it. We have been praying for wisdom and decided we could forgo the disposal and jet tub for awhile. Stinky trash isn't all that bad I guess.

My close friend sent me a text about a sermon her pastor preached on about Gideon. So I had to read it. Flipping through Judges and capturing the whole picture of how Gideon and ONLY three hundred men fought off an enemy numbering beyond hundred thousand (the armies had settled into the valley like a swarm of locusts) made me think of my situation: the lemons outnumber us too.

God made Gideon give up 10,000...God said,"With these 300 men, I will rescue you and give you victory over the Midianites." Gideon defeated a vast army with less. By blowing ram's horns and revealing blazing torches he confused his enemy and they fought each other or ran away.  

He won with less than what seemed reasonable. 

With obedience, we will fix our lemons and I will stay home. We will obey God on less than what seems reasonable to live. We will trust God to give us the wisest ways to handle all of our lemons (enemies). 

What lemons are you facing?


  1. I am so glad to see you back here! Seriously, you were missed at SDG.

    And can I just say that I totally can relate to what you are going through? My family and I have walked a similar path previously. And, just to encourage you, many times, we fixed things and I still stayed home.

    For me, God often wanted to remind me that my security must remain in HIM, not in the amount of money sitting in my bank account.

    1. Oh, thank you for the encouragement. I SO needed it!

  2. trust and obey!
    such a beautiful testament of your faith!
    He will see you through...praying for continued provision!

  3. Oh, Dionne, I definitely understand all those lemons. When I decided to stay home with our kids over a decade ago, the decision looked totally insane. My husband was in med school and I surrendered our only paycheck. Long story short, I'm still here- home with five kids now- and God certainly honored my choice. He took our money and did loaves and fishes miracles over and over and over. Never had more than we needed. But always enough. Can't wait to hear your stories as you find Him to be faithful! So glad we met here today. Thanks for stopping by the Overflow, too!

    1. Your words so encouraged me and you are proof, living proof that God ALWAYS provides for our actual needs. Thank you.

  4. oooohhhh ... my lemons are commitments that have grown and absorbed my time and energy (needing to depend on Him more) and insecurities about roles I am filling (see above). You've made a lovely point ... now to remember it. :)

    1. Ahhh...yes those pesky commitments and insecurities...totally am with ya.

  5. Hey, Dionne,

    I'm back.. just read your leaping laundry song and am still smiling. I may just leap OVER my laundry piles tonight, but will be sure to sing along tomorrow! Love your creativity.

  6. That is a lot of lemons! Good luck with them all


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