Friday, April 6, 2012

What's so good about Friday?

How do you tell the world that today really is a "Good" Friday? 
How a man, beaten and bruised...treated in the cruelest of ways is good? That a man with thorns in His head was given one main purpose in life: to take everyone's imperfectness from them and die on a cross.

How can that be good? Today I celebrate that event that happened 2,000 years ago. Celebrate it? Yes!

The greatest Light of the world...brighter than our sun...did something good: With great anguish, He obeyed and sacrificed His life to show us that the Lord Almighty wants to be with us forever.

WE are the MOST beloved creatures!

His death gave us this (and so much more): we are forgiven of all that we do wrong, freedom from condemnation, life "forever" with a wonderful God and mercy coupled with undeserved grace.

Lord Jesus, Master...thank you for your sacrifice.

Today...we write for five minutes...I happen to take a bit longer...but I am with a community that understands.


  1. He is the Light of the world and I am so thankful for His sacrifice for me so undeserving! what a good day...a good Friday!
    have a blessed Easter weekend!

  2. I hope your Easter is fantastic Dionne!!!

    I gave you the Liebster Award today. Check it out in this post:


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