Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's Safari got to do with Jeeps?

It happens every year. During Easter weekend, the population of Moab, roughly 5,000, seems to double in its' size to accommodate those willing to risk their Jeeps or other similar vehicles all in the name of experiencing a thrill.
It's called Jeep Safari. It's very popular and starts the whole week before.

So, with my in-laws, hubby and two boys in tow, we got up early enough to get to the trail before the procession of Jeeps appeared.

This year was my first time to experience this event even though I have been visiting in-laws in Moab for about 13 years. It truly is a sight to see. So here is my amateur video of one of the more difficult trails, Moab Rim  (rated at a 7) to off road in (the hardest trail is rated a "9" Pritchet Canyon trail):


Did ya see the wheel of the ground? Yes, I felt a bit nervous and squimmish watching the whole thing. Better him than me, but still so fun to see.  So I posted that video, I took several, because I actually thought of something this week about the whole process and wanted to share it with each of you.

Did you notice the guy in the red standing RIGHT by the vehicle? His job was to coach the people through the rough parts of the road, er, I mean rocky trail. Some of the people driving didn't listen well to him and well, it cost them. One driver broke his right axle within the first 10 minutes of the event. He decided to do it his way. See picture below:

However, the majority did follow the coach's leading and I assume they made it to the top of the trail which is not visible from where I was viewing. It would have made for a very long hike so we chose to not do it.

See, a "Jeep Safari" is a long driven journey by choice, with many risks, obstacles, and fun. But sometimes, God calls us to our own safaris where we don't seem to have a choice. We do, but we are asked to obey and trust our coach (God) despite all the snags, hindrances or risks encountered.

We MUST trust Him when we are fearful of tipping over, when one wheel is off the ground and the situation doesn't appear steady. We must listen for careful instruction so we don't miss the guidance that leads to life. Otherwise, left on our own...we will surely flip over, stall, or perhaps get stuck.

Two wheels off the ground and he still made it!

The driver in the video did his best to do what the coach was asking. No arguing, no giving up, no pity party. Despite stalling and many failed attempts, he made it and the crowd encouraged him with many cheers and clapping. You should have seen his smile.

See, I believe that this is what can happen for us. There are others in our lives who want to see us succeed in Christ. Notice I didn't say succeed by self, or with Christ. And there is a coach who provides for us even when we are flailing all over the place. One 4x4 truck was towed up a part that was impossible for the vehicle.

If we don't quit, if we say, "I still believe, yes, for you Lord, I will," then we can expect God to be ahead of us, with us and even behind us. We can know there are heavenly hosts clapping and cheering us on.

We can face all safaris and come out with a thrill that is totally worth it!

Me...standing on the trail where the Jeeps would drive.


  1. beautiful analogy! that trail did look a little intense but the driver did well as he listened to the coach. great video and pics. thanks for sharing and putting into perspective of a Christ led life!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. First time to ever post a video. I am glad it all worked. Blessings to you as well. Thank you for reading too!


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