Monday, April 23, 2012

The Canyon that I am...

 Heading back to Grand Junction after a short overnight trip to Denver, I see it. Perhaps for the first time? I have driven or been on this blacktop many, many times. It isn't new, really. Yet, in this moment it is more captivating than my iced coffee. My eyes can't escape the view. It is Glenwood Canyon. It is gorgeous. Dabbles of sunlight touch the textured layers of rock meshed and rearranged by the Colorado River. I am in awe. Again.
       I swear there's at least 4 different shades of green. Tall, chubby pines tease me as they balance precariously on the canyon's edges.  There's life. A small hawk peering down into the smooth as glass river. It isn't running rough here. Yet, there is evidence of destruction, danger and death. Erosion has afflicted the canyon. Stripping the past and revealing a brick like structure. No control. No, this canyon couldn't prevent it. I'm not even sure it wanted to.
    Parts are uneven, untamed, and the winding around is dizzying, but it's grandeur presence is speaking to me. 
I didn't take this great picture, but it does capture the river, the trees and the textured layers of rock really well.
There's the canyon that I am...The deep spots in the river that are uncomfortable more so for others when they dip a foot into it.  But, I won't hide it. I won't lie. With some discretion, I refuse to only expose the clean, safe parts so I don't offend. All layers are me. If you drive within the paths that lead to my head and heart you will find comfort, understanding, belonging, familiarity. At some point, you won't be alone. Our humaness shines through and then we take our battered selves to Him.
There's the canyon that I am...Proof of who I was and now layers of life to be told. This canyon didn't endure weathering for nothing. Life only happens when I allow the wearing down of self, allow the outer dead surface to be removed. The beauty of this process is meant to be shared among others to encourage, relate, understand, and teach. 

There's the canyon that I am...The MOST important part. The ever widening, growing piece that can't be contained: A vibrant, flourishing, existing relationship between God and I.  
 A loving bond where with faith and trust, I lay down each slab of me without so much hesitation.

Let the river widen the canyon...there's freedom in the abrasion.


  1. Oh my goodness Dionne... this is beautiful. I absolutely love it..every word. What a great analogy.

  2. I like this. Isn't it wonderful when something you're used to seeing suddenly becomes startling? When He opens our eyes to see the significance. Beautiful. I was in Colorado once and it took my breath away.
    Thankyou for this.

    1. You said it perfectly...startling is right and yes, I love it. To have a fresh pair of eyes because of Him. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. love that last line ... powerful!

  4. Dionne, I love the way you compare a person to a river-carved canyon! My favorite line: "Our humaness shines through and then we take our battered selves to Him."
    Thank you for this.

  5. HI Dionne!
    I just awarded you the Liebster blog award! It is an award to recognize small bloggers (200 followers or less). Check it out on my blog!
    Thanks and hope you can pass it along.
    Alesha <3


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