Monday, April 2, 2012

And...she went to a casting call...

Yesterday, I did something that reminded me of my twenties. Risky and headed to a possible rejection, I drove an hour and a half to Moab, Utah for a casting call for the Lone Ranger movie starring, Johnny Depp as Tonto. I have always wanted to be an extra in a film.
Check out the awesome make-up job on Johnny Depp who says he is part Cherokee. Armie Hammer will be the Lone Ranger.

Yes, yesterday was April Fool's, but I know one of the employees of the Moab to Monument Film Commission and I promise it was ALL legit.

So I arrived at 9:20 am, stopped off at the local City Market to get gum for my breath since the coffee I had earlier to keep me awake on the drive was not going to help me get a part, and went to the Moab Valley Inn (I did spit the gum out in a tissue). I admit I was isn't like I knew what to expect. The first call was at 10 and I arrived before 9:35 and the place was already packed (not surprising). 
I am handed a yellow card asking the usual of name, address, phone #, but of course they need my hip, bust, waist info. etc. and my special abilities...does crossing one eyeball at a time count? I did put down my artistic talents, that I am a former school teacher, that I have drama/skit experience...well, you get the point. But, the very kind lady in charge asked people to come up and show off their talent at the drop of a hat. I admired the brave souls. It was fun and the people that sang were amazing. So while finishing filling out my card, I watched a talent show. Nice of them to provide entertainment.
   I forgot to mention that you have to hand in a nonprofessional 3x5 photo of yourself with NO make-up. Of course, I wasn't thrilled about that because I like my mascara and lip gloss, but they probably want to see what they have to work with. See you as you are...really are. Ha, ha

They called each row one at a time so as to make sure that everyone had the correctly sized and clear picture, measurements, etc. I did a crossword and chatted with the lads near me as we were in the last row.  
 When it was our rows turn, again I was nervous, but Sande Alessi and her casting crew were some of the kindest people I have ever met. They were so organized and helpful too. She, Sande that is was happy with my photo and asked about my children. I appreciated the opportunity.

I am noticing something about myself...I am becoming quite bold as I age and since I decided to say yes to God more and yes to well, life. Who cares about being rejected? What if they have enough mid-30's women for the movie and I don't get a part?

At least I did it! No more sitting on the sidelines thinking opportunities will fall in my lap (although this one kind of did). 

I will keep you posted if I get to be an extra. Tell me...have you've ever been in a movie?


  1. What a crazy/amazing woman you are! I hope you get a call back! :)

  2. I hope you get to be an extra! That would fun! I couldn't get through high school drama class without crying so I don't think I could get myself to a casting call!

  3. so awesome! I hope you get the part!

  4. that is great. Wow impressed that is being very bold in life. good luck and even more prayers to keep that boldness of embrassing life within you


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