Monday, May 21, 2012

Challenge: If I could tell the whole world right now this one message:

Recently on a radio station, I overheard a discussion about some college students that were given an interesting assignment. They were asked to post one message for the whole world assuming the world was listening at that very moment. Just one.
Of course, as you can imagine, this assignment created quite a following and a greater response than expected.

You can check it out here.

The responses were all VERY different of course. Some making no sense and some a bit harsh.
I know why this question is so popular. It's because we all have something to say, don't we? Most people want to be heard. Want to be understood. 

Isn't that why we utilize Twitter? Facebook? Isn't it why we blog or write anything? To feel that our thoughts, ourselves matter? I am not unique here. It is the human condition to seek significance.

This Thursday, May 24 will be my 38th birthday and I am feeling okay with my age, but I still struggle with full acceptance of myself. I don't mean accepting all flaws and never working to change self. I mean living out more often than not the belief that I am a work in progress. Loving all parts of me and not berating myself as much.

And well, do I have something that I would like to tell the whole world?
A lot of things. But, if my message is too long, I am going to lose people's interest.

Would the world receive it well?

 I would like to tell the whole world this...
In my short lifespan I've come to learn that what really matters is relationships. 

 Genuine, messy, terrible and beautiful all wrapped up. A connection that doesn't dry up when distance separates. One soul extending grace to another when the imperfect shines brightly. Where kinship meets acceptance at the door and feels free to walk through.

Where I give and you give, I mess up and you mess up, where I listen and you listen and somehow no matter what we both come out feeling visible, loved, and known.
And that is what really matters...
It is the very basis of my faith. So simple, yet so profound. All that I believe hangs on to the one truth: That I was created by such a loving maker that not only am I loved and significant, but my creator, God, actually wants a relationship with me!

No matter what you believe, don't we all just want to be liked, or loved, or cared about? 

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  1. Oh I do love this post, Dionne.
    I feel like I have missing your stuff lately. =(
    Hope you're doing great!!

  2. I think your message for the world is a good one. There are so many distractions around us that it's easy to forget why we're here. As Christians we are commanded to preach and teach the gospel of Christ. How are we to do that if we neglect relationships? As spouses we are to support and love our other half. As parents we are to teach, care for and love our children. As friends we are to listen and reach out to others.

  3. This is so great, Dionne! Being visible, known, and loved -- that, in a nutshell, is what God wants us to enjoy from Him.
    I'm glad you shared this. Love ya!

  4. Love this...that God wants a real relationship with me.
    It changes it all--doesn't it?
    Moves us away from a list of rules and trying to gain acceptance.
    Our disobedience can break fellowship with Him, but NOTHING can move us out of the solid relationship we have once He has adopted us as His child. So much security in that! Makes me so thankful!


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