Friday, May 25, 2012

Here's how I am growing old gracefully and tastefully...

Yesterday was my birthday. It got me to thinking how I much I have changed since I was a little girl, since I was in my twenties and early thirties and how in a couple of years I will be 40.

No, 40 won't be donning a full blown sporty, matching top and pants suit with a football haircut, but I am so over the every time I bend down my low-rise jeans show my bum crack look.

I want to grow old gracefully, but tastefully!

I can be attractive and pretty despite some of the current fashion styles that just don't seem to fit my age group.
I find myself trading a bit of the sadistic trends (heels with jeans or work pants ALL the time) or rather the revealing ones for comfort and a bit of modesty.

I am a mom after all. Now do I have to look frumpy? Wear clothes from decades ago? Nope.
I just want to be cute, modest and comfortable. So the look I like the most seems perfect because it fits all the above. Here are some spring/summer examples:

 Breeze Skirt >  bermuda

It is the same with shoes...MOST especially shoes...I like Sketchers, Clarks or other similar brands for sandals. I am just not a big fan of flip-flops anymore. I like feeling like I am walking on a cloud or pillows with every step.

Okay, so yes, using age-defying creams and not having outdated haircuts or make-up helps me look my age or a bit younger.
Really, I am probably the only one that cares so much about how I look or how comfortable I am. Silly isn't it?

Please share your thoughts with me...


  1. I am only 21 and I've already thought about this stuff! =P That's awesome. I feel like I already have a style that is older than my age, but for the sake of modesty, that is what I prefer. I feel like I can still look graceful, trendy, and modest.

  2. Happy Birthday, Dionne.

    I like it when a women is comfortable in her own skin, looks her age and wears cute clothes that fits her own style.

  3. I feel like I'm going through the same thing at the moment.I refuse to ever dress frumpy but not so sure I want that "mom" look either. I love my sweats but have put away my mini skirts for longer flowing skirts...umm yeah where did the girl i used to know go? I'm loving every moment though of discovering my new style. 2 things I know that will never nose ring and my obsession with dying my hair.

  4. Ha! I love this, and deal with the same things now that I'm in my mid-fifties! I love almost-knee-length shorts and skirts, drape-neck and Henley tops, and Toms shoes. Plus I have about a zillion tanks/camis for layering. Modest, cute, not trying to impersonate a teenager!

    Um, now can you come help me with my hair??

  5. I love that beauty can look different ways at different ages! Seems like you have found a good balance between keeping cute and not trying to look half your age. Wish more women learned that lesson!


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