Friday, June 1, 2012

Visible (Five Minute Friday: See)

Don't we all just want to be noticed? Visible?

My sweet four year old tugging, begging and in my face to play trains. Sometimes I am too busy, but I really could just stop. See his need for attention, a relationship and time. Love him by doing this one more time even if I just don't get how to crash cars into trains properly.  Do it because I want him to know that through actions such as this...he matters, he is loved, he is my world.

I have sight that God can/will provide if I just trust.

See that this loneliness I am experiencing is temporary. What is visible is love surrounding me. I really am unique, purposeful, and valued just because God made me.

Take those visible truths and live them out.


  1. You ARE loved and I know you're in a new phase of your life and it can be lonely but you will make friends. I'm so excited for you to start MOPS this fall.I would've lost my sanity without my MOPS group while my children were little. Even though it's been about 7 years since I've been around my original MOPS group many of us are still close and my mentor mom is still someone very close to me!!!

  2. yes ...

    it's all about finding out what He says is true and then living it all out!

  3. We do want to be noticed. And it is so hard sometimes to stop and play trains or cars or blocks...but so worth it in the stop and play. For the record, I NEVER could crash the cars or trains just right!

    Thanks for stopping by my place. I appreciate your comment!

  4. So, so true. We want to be noticed, but many times the best way to be noticed is to notice others. And to play trains and cars with our kids. To spend the time they want, not the "Important" work we want to do, thing we need to do. Good reminder - thank you.


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