Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Photos for a Photo challenge

Anytime anyone dares me to be creative, well, you can bet I jump on it like a duck on a June Bug!!

If you are to know should know that I have a rebellious streak where I don't follow all social rules. Like these pictures were inspired from a May Photo challenge and it is June! I am so bad, huh? Just kidding. Anyhoo...

Here are some photos that I took that fit in the categories of this photo challenge (see below post) #'s 1-6


2. Skyline

A canyon in Moab, UT where I was sitting on my rock throne and enjoying the view!

3. Something I wore today...

4. Fun!
Who knew a blow-up mattress could be so fun?

5. Bird
Okay so hubby actually took the picture, but I spotted the bird and was standing near him so it counts, right?

 6. You

I am on the right and my tongue is not really stuck to the outside of the ice cream container...but my love affair with ice cream is well, me. (okay so I am technically cheating on coffee and chocolate, but this is a great picture of the not so serious me).

So I am not a photographer, but I am artistic and a lover of metaphor and unique interpretation. 

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  1. We have a blow up mattress too that the kids love!! Had I known how much enjoyment they would have gotten from it I would have brought it out long ago. Love the pictures and the joy in all of them!


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