Saturday, June 16, 2012

7 Bible Studies worth checking out! Really!

One of the gems of reading a fabulous book is the chance to share it with others. However, I also want to share more than that today. I want to tell you about some bible studies that have GREATLY impacted my life. 
It is funny to say this, but it is an honor to be the poster child for many of these see God changing me and knowing that I am growing in Him

I am SO thankful that the Lord used these studies to draw me deeper into understanding Him. As I learned, pondered, reflected and most importantly, listened to God, I gained a closeness to Him that I am not sure I can express in words, but I will say that He is always working in us and it is beautiful. 

There are actually 8 listed, but I only including seven because they are the best. The 8th one is good too!

7 Bible Studies to consider (In no certain order of awesomeness):

1) The Names of God, 52 bible Studies by Ann Spangler
   Short, wonderful studies on the 52 names of God found in the bible. What I love most is the names are explained well and they are shown in a specific scripture. The book also describes the cultural significance and the language meaning behind each name. There is a pronunciation guide as well. (I am glad because I didn't take Hebrew or Greek in school). These names draw you feel the power in JUST His names! 

2) Jonah:Navigating a Life Interrupted by Priscilla Shireer
   WARNING: You will be challenged!  This is the story of Jonah, but not like you would expect! You learn about how God interrupts our lives or more gives us a divine intervention. When He calls us it may not be convenient, but is SO worth the obedience. After doing this study, I was asked to quit my job, stay home and leave a city I loved all with a hubby and two children who were affected as well.  

3) Me, Myself, & Lies by Jennifer Rothschild
    Okay, I never realized how terrible I talk to myself! How much I have allowed lies to rule my heart until I came across this study. I learned to replace those lies with God's word and truth about me. This amazing woman is currently blind due to a rare, degenerative eye disease. She is still praising the Lord and living life despite the hardship of no sight. She is funny, creative, and inspiring. You CANNOT help but want to tell Satan to eat poo, shove off and take his lies with him. 

4) What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa TerKeurst (President of Proverbs 31 ministries).
    I was recently challenged by this study and felt God telling me it was time to quit saying no so much to Him. It is not like I don't follow or submit to God's will or that I always say no, but I became more aware of God's voice and looked back at how sad it was that I missed opportunities He gave me. This book helped me and was a part of saying yes to being the MOPS coordinator and staying home a second complete faith I see God's faithfulness as He is providing for this current adventure.

5) Living Free by Beth Moore
   A great study where I first learned about praying God's word...something I have never been taught to do let alone heard of...oh, it is so amazing though and has changed my prayer life.  It is also about replacing strongholds with Christ's freedom.

6) Stepping UP: A Journey through the Psalms of Ascent by Beth Moore
   I can't even describe the beauty of these Psalms and this study. You get wonderful historical and cultural accuracy without a seminary class feel. There are ample opportunities to really reflect, analyze and think about the 15 Psalms. If you are visual person like me then you will love all of the graphics and illustrations provided as well. My favorite part is two fold: you get to put your own rendition of each Psalm in the book and there is a stair graphic as kind of a have to do to the study to know what I am talking about.

7) Designing A Woman's Life: A Practical Guide to Discovering Your Unique Purpose and Passion by Judith Couchman
  My current study and profound is an understatement! I have done personality tests, find your purpose bible studies and the Purpose Driven Life and this by far is the best I have found at encouraging one to take a dive into the deep water of seeking God's purpose for our lives and then carrying out the visions surrounding it. The book doesn't feel like it is trying to fill my head with phrases I want to hear or get the answer for me, yet it also does not leave me hanging with no guidance or examples. It has so many treasures that I have underlined and want to keep in my heart forever including the truth that I am deeply significant because God created me. I HIGHLY recommend this book to ALL women!

What bible studies have you studied that are awesome? PLEASE share with me. 


  1. any bible study by Kay Arthur is awesome

  2. Kay Arthur is so good at getting you to really dig into the scripture. Sometimes she is too advanced for me, but I agree she is gifted and for those not afraid of a challenge...they should definitely check her out!

  3. Thanks for the great ideas. I just finished Beth Moore's study on Paul and am ready for a new summer study. I've done half of the ones you highlighted- but that leaves me several yet to choose from. Glad i stopped by.


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