Monday, June 25, 2012

A Hodge-Podge worth sharing.

My family and I recently went on a mini-vacation to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It's a pretty, charming mountain town with one of the most rewarding and breathtaking hikes in the U.S.  We were there for two days and had a lot of fun that wore us all out. Two days with kids with no naps turned out just fine and was worth that risk! 

So usually a vacation is about relaxing, spending time together and having fun, right?...which we did, but what I didn't expect was to learn anything during the vacation. I desired to just turn my brain off for once while getting away from life. No such luck.

Below is the hodge-podge of wonderfulness that I believe the Lord helped me discover and see from our vacation activities:
1. Sometimes I am so selfish that I forget that what is easy for me is not always true for someone else. My four year old hiked a VERY difficult, steep trail that is 1.2 miles one way without stopping for very long. I lost my compassion or understanding not to mention my patience. He began whining and we hadn't even gone a 1/4 of a mile, but his little mind didn't understand the beauty that was waiting for him at the end of the hike. The whole point of the exertion. (I did praise him despite my need to work on being more understanding and less selfish).
***Don't we all do this? Whine when things start to get tough? I am guilty of forgetting the prize, or gift, blessing, and freedom that comes from "hiking" obediently.
My son and I beginning the toughest section of the trail. 

If you look closely you can see my son and I right of the tree before we finish the HARDEST part of the trail. See the steep railing to help you up the scary stairs...the other side is a nice fall to your death, but hey wait til' you see the next picture!

Hanging a tropical paradise in the mountains. My four year old loooved the fish that seem to float in the travertine-induced, blue-green lake.

2. Often what is in front of us is the hardest to see! We went to a natural cave. We had to ride a tram and then we were guided through the cave. At one point the lights were turned off so we could grasp the true darkness that exists naturally in the cave. Yeah, I am never in darkness. I think sometimes what I don't admit won't hurt me, right? Or that idea of being in the dark is like "ignorance is bliss" syndrome. However, I am missing out on so much. 
There are times when I believe God is like, "Dionne, please quit relying on your own sight so much!!! You've got to look at your life and others through mine."
 ***So hubby and I finally found a church because we looked at it with God's eyes and we see His light shining there so amazingly...We are proud to go to RCC! 

STARE will see so much in this picture my husband took. Take in the darkness and then notice the incredible stalactites and stalagmites.

3. Adults tend to lose the wide-eyed wonder.
   I rarely squeal with delight over anything...not my children. They get excited about so many little things. In the middle of our trip, I realized just how new everything we did was for my boys. Seeing an amazing lake, staying the night in a hotel, riding a tram, exploring a cave, experiencing true darkness, and RIDING a BUS.  The questions, the joy and the smiles! Memories etched in my mind forever. They were so struck with wonder that they couldn't contain their enjoyment. 
      I feel like I have often denied myself this behavior. Why? Maybe because I have been in a cave already and I am not four? Well, to fight this, I allowed myself to be a child again...when the cave dropped water on me, I announced that I had been "kissed" by the cave to everyone with a bit of child-like enthusiasm.! Hehe, I also played with my son's T-Rex at the lake. I just don't want to lose the gift of life or my immature, silly, or mellow side. See fun pictures below:

Hotels are so entertaining...especially jumping from one end of the bed to the other!

Push-up sherbet pops...yummy.

My version of Godzilla taking over the lake and scaring all the tourists.

Unabashed joy while playing in the waterfall (Spouting rock) just a few minutes from the lake.

4. How blessed I truly am...
     To have two sweet, fun, healthy sons and one wonderful, adventurous hubby to share life with is about all one could really ask for this side of heaven. 

To know, follow, and obey an awesome, loving God who not only blesses me, but changes me! 
 A God who has tons of patience, compassion and understanding towards me. He shows me his power and love in all things...I just have to look with His eyes.  He wants me to experience an abundant, child-like enthusiastic life!

What about you? Any surprise lessons you have encountered lately? Please share.

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  1. We love hanging lake! I want to take the kids there someday ... but we need to all be able to get there on our own two feet! How brave you four were! We have yet to go to the fairy caves, but they are on our "list".

    I'm learning that just being is enough right now. So hard after a busy, go-go-go season to just allow hanging out to be enough. :) Not that I'm not still super busy being mom, but I'm not being mom-and-more. :)

  2. This post makes my heart so happy. it looks like you all had a great time!

  3. What a fun looking trip, being a family out exploring the great outdoors. Love the hats on your boys! :)

  4. Wow...quite a climb. This has encouraged me to climb higher, anticipate the good along the way. I need to rekindle the wide-eyed wonder.


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