Monday, June 4, 2012

What is worth the effort and what I wish was easier too.

He said, "Ya know it would be nice if some things in life just came more naturally. So many things take work."
It is true. I am not sure if there is really something that doesn't. Even if physical is not involved there's always mental or emotional to consider.
But what I want to tell him, I don't. It will only come across as a lecture.  

There are a few things really worth the effort!
 In no certain order 

1. Relationships
Yes, I wish sometimes they were not so complicated and that some of mine were less strained, but investing in others is a great gift. We learn to be less selfish. I am understood. Tremendous pain, anger, forgiveness and joy come from these connections. My head is filled with memories, laughter where your side hurts and your face aches. Where who I am is stretched. Challenged. Changed forever.
  Those I call family and friends are irreplaceable treasures. In my most difficult circumstances, a few of the above have provided great comfort and support...even cheering or encouragement. It is better to not be alone. We might be tempted to paint a volleyball and call it Wilson.

2. Fulfilling your purpose...or dream or passion...
   Not much of an explanation is needed matter what you do if you love it than you feel fulfilled. A sense of significance. Where passion and desire meet. Maybe you have to trudge through impossible feats like numerous college degrees or grueling training or better yet the dreaded waiting, but in the end if you are doing something that fits you then it will be worth the sweat. I love this sums it up:
“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking: A Theological ABC
3. Getting to know God (and living out my faith)
My most important achievement. One that actually doesn't require pulling my hair out or a ton of exertion. I am free to be me with the Lord and there isn't a heavy burden of condition placed on me.  There's only grace, love, mercy, deep delight. I am unique and created to do something only I can do in God's name. Trusting Him with my life. With everything. Not knowing, often waiting, but still resting in hope and in the understanding that He will never abandon me.

So switching is what I wish was easier..

1. Parenting
   I love my boys, but sometimes I just don't know how to stop a behavior they are doing that is so not okay. Sometimes hubby and I try strategies that fail and then we are at a lost. Often they drive us crazy with their choices. We try so hard to not be too permissive or military dictators, but we tend to do more barking of orders.  I just wish for one day that I would wake up and magically my children would be sane and under control at the store, pick up their toys when there done playing with them, sleep in late and I wouldn't have to say, "Please don't _______ your brother." 

2. Relationships 
  I know what I said earlier, but yeah to receive what I said above, it takes considerable patience, a daily choice to forgive, clarify and communicate. Exhausting. Sacrificial too. Sometimes you have to end a relationship and that is just plain uncomfortable or heartbreaking. Some prove dangerous and leave us scarred and hesitant towards future ones. A dream relationship would go like this...I am completely understood all the time, listened to, never betrayed, I feel secure in it and both parties needs are met.

3.  Hodge Podge  
The following are items that need no defining, but I wish they were easier and or perhaps more convenient?
   Exercise, math, looking younger, losing loved ones, juggling, not repeating bad habits, changing, cooking healthy, gourmet meals, memorizing scripture and toy packaging. Just to name a few.

So what about you? What do you think is worth the effort and what do you wish was easier?  


  1. Yep ... I agree on all counts! I liked that you included following your passion under the heading of "worth the work". I would also include under "wish it was easier": making life changes. Habits are so hard to break and I wish I could be transformed without all this sweat and tears. :)

    1. Yeah...I put bad habits and I agree they are so hard to break. I would love to be changed without all the teas and sweat too! :)

  2. For me?

    Worth the effort? My family, friends

    Wish was easier? Unexpected bumps

    1. Oh those unexpected bumps are so hard...I am so with you on that. I so agree that family and friends are so worth any work they take! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I'm with you- relationships, faith, dreams are worth the effort. But sometimes they are just SO MESSY. I remember once talking with my sister on the phone about a tough situation with a friend and when I turned around my toddler was walking into the room with purple paint covering her from head to toe. Of course, she promptly gave me a hug. At that moment, my sister (not knowing of my toddler's state) sighed and said, "Love is just SO MESSY." AMen. Glad God thought the mess was worth it. I pray that I live like the mess is worth it, too. Always a treat to be here, friend. (Oh, yeah, and I think parenting is HARD too! And MESSY, by the way :)

    1. I love your story and what your sister said. SO TRUE!!! Thank you for sharing that with me. It is so nice to know that I am not alone!!

  4. Marriage and parenting: WORTH IT and WISH THEY WERE EASIER, all at the same time!

    I especially love this:
    "I am free to be me with the Lord and there isn't a heavy burden of condition placed on me. There's only grace, love, mercy, deep delight."
    Another wonderful post!

  5. Dionne I love your heart so much!!! Yes parenting and relationships are definitely worth it. B and I had a very long extensive talk this weekend that had many tears in it but he was patient as was I(my first reflex is usually to get up and say I'm done.)and we came to some very big realizations. Some painful some healing and some just plain all good ones. We may not be married yet(yes yes don't even get me started on that one.) but i do believe by taking some of these steps it is helping to create a solid foundation.

    Time with hard for me to do these days since I feel like such a hypocrite in so many ways. I know HE loves me no matter what but ....yeah.


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